Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas is still going on .........

Today m sister (Anna) and her family are gong to be here by 6:00 tonight. My brother flies in to Tallahassee, Florida tomorrow. I (or my sister) will drive down to get him. I hope I do. I've got the travel trailer all ready for my sisters family. Oh, and we are supposed to get an all in one printer that has a scanner so, I will be scanning all of my baby photos on FB!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

Until I can think of something else to write .................... ***** hugs*****

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When will the Kirkland's celebrate Christmas?????

Well, that is a good question!!!!!!!!!! When will the Kirkland's celebrate Christmas?????????? Will (my brother) was supposed to be home tomorrow (the 23) but, he called and told us he could not come (he was supposed to have a week and a half at home)cause he had to work. Now, he is not coming in until the 29th. Which means he is flying home and will not be bringing General Paxton (his dog). Hmmmmm .......... Drew (brother in law), Anna (my sister) and Lia (my niece) are not going to be here until the 29th or 30th. So, I guess that we will celebrate Christmas then????? Then everyone goes home the 3rd of January. This is so frustrating. Thanks for letting me vent!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One year ago ..... Well, I shoulda posted this the 1st week in December.

This was written for the week of November 31 - December 6 (2008)

(This was written about a week after I was out of the hospital)

ok, so this was how this past my week has gone:

I hope that y'all enjoy reading it and please leave me some comments!!!!!

Please excuse any and all typos or errors

Sunday: i was up in Auburn (which is a major college town 2 hours north of where I live). I was up there b/c my parents had a conference in Mobile that they had to go to for ALFA (Alabama Farmers Association). So anyway, I complained to my Aunt that I was not feeling well. She thought that I was just trying to get out of going to work with her on Monday. So I decided to tough things out and somehow I managed.

Monday: I was feeling really bad this day so, I called Mom in between her meetings (or I tried to) and I asked her to tell my Aunt that I was not feeling well and to please tell my aunt to let me go home. So, I got my clearance to go home and I started home around lunchtime. On my way home, my tummy started killing me something awful but there was nothing to do except to pray that I would make it home so that I could be at home if I had to go to the hospital. I made it home after much agony and I went to bed that night. However I only slept 3 hours because ................

Tuesday: I woke up early Tuesday morning (5:30am) with this terrible tingling sensation (in my jaw) and it felt like a dog was licking my mouth and his tongue was going down in my throat and licking it. (I know that it sounds weird and I am almost embarrassed to tell it) so, about 7:00, I called my mom and dad and they had just started on there way home from Mobile and Mom told me that they were just about to go in the tunnel (that goes under Mobile Bay) so, couldn't talk long but, I got the point acrossed and she told me what to do and what meds to take and she would see about me when they got home. When they came home at 1:00 Mom thought it a good idea that while all this was going on and all that she would take me to the doctors office. She did and they couldnt figure out what was wrong but, they did give me Tylenol with Codeine (sp) and so, mom and I went by the drugstore and got that filled.

Tuesday night: I couldnt get any relief from my sufferings and Mom had given me 4 tylenol with codeine (sp) (not at the same time) and some Robitussin (sp) and some other meds and she decided not to dope me up on anymore drugs so, she took me to the ER where they gave me the prescriptions for steroids and stayed with me until ........

(I should point out that whenever I have these spells that I cry something awful. Its a weird feeling having a dog lick you done your throat. Believe me, I know ........... )

Wednesday: Early in the morning. (around 1:00am) When I left, I was armed with a prescription for steroids. so, we went and got the prescription filled that afternoon and I took some as soon as I got it. Well, that didnt help me. Well, I guess it did cause Wednesday night I was fine.

Thursday: Thursday morning and afternoon I was fine. However, at 7:00 I had some supper (honey b-bque wings) and at 8:00, I was doubled over in the middle of our den. Now, I have a high pain tolerance so, when you see me doubled over I AM IN PAIN!!!!!!!!! So, I went to the ER again and they ran some test and drew blood (a cute lookin' guy with HUGE muscles and I imagine a hunkin' 6 pack under his shirt *blushing* finally got the needle to stay. I asked him if he worked out and he said no but this guy had veins the size of a small crochet hook) Anyway, so, I think I finally got my hospital room at 1:00am on .............

Friday: this day. They were doing something to me every hour or so like: drawing more blood or taking my blood pressure or taking my temperature. I was sleeping off and on this day. I really don't know what happened this day so it is kinda short. I do know (cause mom told me) that the docs figured out that I did have pancreatitis

Saturday: I was discharged from the hospital and Mom and I (Mom of course picked me up) and took me by taco Bell and got me some food. I was home by 2:00.

My had is getting tired ............

Saturday Evening: Mom and dad had a Christmas get together thing and so left me at home. Mom called me about 7:00 to check on me and I told her that I was feeling nauseous(sp) and she told me that a nurse that was at the party told her to tell me to not eat any cheese or anything greasy so ........ that pretty much outlaws everything in Southeast Alabama. Sad

God Bless!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My New Years Resulution!!!!!!!!!!

1. Is to read all of the Elsie Dinsmore books in one year. There are 12 books written by Martha Finley. so, that is one book a month. I think I can do that. For the past few years, I have read 11 of the 12 books. This time I wanna read the whole series.

2. Is to not think about having a boyfriend. This is going to be hard for me to do but, with god's help, I can. I know that God will send me someone when He is good and ready. I know from people telling me that when I stop looking, they will come. I know this is true but, I just want a boyfriend so bad.

3. NOT TO WORRY ABOUT A CAR!!!!! I know that I will get one when God thinks that I am ready!!!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Update .....

I just talked to mom and she said that Deanna signed the divorce papers. Will received the call yesterday just as he was going to pick mom up at the airport. So, no court hearing!!!!! Which is a blessing!!!!! Mom, Anna and Will (and maybe Paxton) is hanging out today!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Life Of A Farmers Daughter ~ Part 2

This is how my day went.

Well this morning, I went to play with the baby chicks. I took some pictures and here they are!!!!! While I was at the chicken houses, Dad tracked me down! He told me that he needed me to go to the John Deere place and get him a part and take it to the field. I did that, came home, got my shower and headed to Ozark to take Dad's prize peanuts and to help decorate for the banquet that was tonight!! I got there to late, however to help so, I started home! I got on the home stretch and Dad called me to go again to the John Deere place. I went to the John Deer place again and I took him the part again (it was a different part) and then came home and I started hauling peanut trailers. Thus ends this day in the life of a farm girl!!!!!

Here are the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well, I think it is high time that I write something here!!!!!

Well, the past week:

I've accepted a friend request on FB and the guy on the other end is from Sweden!!! Who woulda thought that a country bumpkin from Alabama would talk to a guy (via the internet) in Sweden??? Not me!!! It has been great fun talking to him and learning all I can about Sweden. It is the best thing since I can't go overseas. I hope to continue to talk to him in the future!! One thing that I have found that we have in common is that he used to work on a farm and I live on one and so he asks me questions and I ask him questions and that is cool!!!!!

This week:

Tuesday: I went to the farm City banquet where we accepted an award for the best peanut plants in the fair!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (wednesday), I went to ride horses at some people house. We go to church with them and that was so much fun considering that I have not ridden in a year and a half, I think. However, I am going to bring my own saddle and I wanna bring my own horse and so, maybe I can

Tomorrow (Thursday): Mrs. Marie Kirkland (wife of dad's 3rd cousin) is going to have some 138,000 baby chicks delivered to the chicken house and I wanna go and see them. I hope to take pictures!! I will be waking up at 7:00 (which is 2:00opm Swedish time) to get ready for this.

Mom is going to Texas and so is my sister (Anna). They are going to be with my brother while he is having his divorce hearing. I wish that this was not happening. I love Deanna (my sister in law) to death (despite what she may think) and she will be forever considered my friend. I just want to say that I am so sorry that this is happening. I wish it wasn't. My brother is wanting to stay on in Texas and work for UPS and as much as I understand that, I wish he was home. I may get in trouble for posting this but, this is how I feel.

Also going on tomorrow (Thursday): Is another Farm/City week Banquet that I am going to help some ladies decorate for. So, I will leave home at 10:00am (which is 5:00pm Swedish time) for that. I don't know if I will be home after I help decorate or if I will have to stay In Ozark (which is where the banquet is being held). I hope I don't b/c I really look forward to talking to this new found friend of mine in Sweden.

Well, I cant think of anything else to write and I am getting tireder by the minute so, I will say goodnight!!!! To all those who read my blog posts: I love you guys (as friends)!!!!!!!!!!! *****hugs*****

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

kims Version of this week end1!!!!

Thursday morning I finished packing what little I'd decided to bring, then Mom and I drove to where Kate's Aunt Judy would pick me up and take me the rest of the way. While I moved from one vehicle to the other, I forgot to take the camera from my glovebox. So that means I got no pix.
Judy had to stop by a courthouse for some real estate info. I asked to come along since I've never been in a courthouse. The vault was really cool. Documents and newspapers from way back in 1888.
We then continued on to Headland where we met up with Kate and her mother Debi at a restaurant. Good food.
Kate and I left the ladies chatting and went to drop my things off at the house. We would stay in the huge camper next to the house.
Then we began to work. Kate explained everything that I pointed to and asked questins about....and she explained everything that I did not ask about (which helped me catch my breath ).
Our job was hauling the peanut trailers to the peanut co-op. I hitched the trailers to Kate's truck and we'd bring them to the fields that were ready for them.
Item of slight interest: The trailer hitch key slammed down on my finger once. It hurt.
We brought 7 or 8 loads of peanuts to the drying sheds. Not sure how many we brought to the fields.
I got a chance to shovel the peanuts around in one bin to level them out. Wish I could've done more.
Before we went home, we stopped by a house because the person there wanted Kate to take care of their Shih-Tzu while they were out of town. We had a hard time remembering its name. It sounded like Crimpy, Cruppy, Crappy... :P
Dinner was good. I forget what it was, but it was good.

Friday we got up early to feed the dog, and went to Landmark Park ( www.landmarkpark.com ). Our job there was to serve sample drinks of sugar cane juice. During the slow times we played cat's cradle and Kate showed me around the rest of the park. My favorite place was the church. The acoustics were wonderful. I sang Oh Come Emmanuel there. It rained a lot that afternoon, so I cleaned the house a bit.
We ate out for dinner. I had fried chicken on a salad. So good....or did we have that the day before? :scratches head in confusion:
We went to feed the dog and he escaped outside. We hunted and chased him all over the yard and worried about the neighbors possibly calling the cops on us. :P We called the owner and they said to leave the pooch alone and it'd be fine outside. :rollseyes:
That night we watched movies, and bugged a friend over the phone.

Saturday we went to the park again. I brought my violin to play when I got bored. I hid behind the barn with the mule that was grinding cane.
But I got cold. So the boss-people said I could play in the house with the seamstressers. There was a fire there.
There were some cool old gents on the porch weaving chairs and we got to talk music for a while. They said they'd teach me a new song, but we had no time.
I left the seamsters after a couple songs and moved to the other room where there were 5 mountain dulcimer players having fun.
Oh, it was marvelous. We played and played and played. I learned some new songs from them.
Around lunchtime, Kate and I left to eat. And then we went on a short nature trail. We saw no wildlife. It reminded us of the walk Anne of Green Gables and Diana Barry took.
We toured around and I played some more. Then we went to Target to pick up some stuff....and then went home.
I played for the Kirkland's after dinner. Many hymns and Irish. Some bluegrass. I taught Kate how to play Come Thou Fount. She did pretty good for not playing in two years.
We plagued some more friends over the phone in late evening.

Sunday. The day of 5 adventures.
We decided to go to Kate's church. Took about 30 minutes to get there. But when we arrived...it wasn't there. Of course it was lost, so we started driving around trying to find it. First one way, then the other. Finally we decided they must have gone up to their "new" 100yo church building they'd just bought. Of course it was way on the otherside of town. Took 30-40 minutes. Yes, they were there! Kate and I walked through the door just as they finished lunch. Services had already been held, but they allowed me to play my violin for them for about 10 minutes.
Afterwards I helped them work on the church. A lot of the floor needed replacing, the walls needed repair, the bathrooms were gutted...was all a big mess. When they finish it will look vera nice.
The girls and I pulled staples and nails from the ceiling beams, swept up debris, stacked lumber, and examined the three leftovers of mice we found. One was a full skeleton, another was a skeleton that still had the hide, and the other was missing a skull and hanging in a cobweb from the ceiling. It was amusing listening to them squeal. The girls, I mean. Not the dead mice.
We were there about 3 hours. I got two blisters and injured my hand somehow.
Kate then said if I wanted to see the river we'd have to leave. Sadly I put down my tools, picked up Antonia, said goodbye, and left.
Back at the house, I insisted we walk out to the river. I was tired of driving everywhere and wanted to stretch. Kate and her mom finally agreed.
It was a nice walk through the rye fields. Then...I realized we were going to have to walk through 4 cow pastures. And there were cows in them.
In the first one, the cows stayed far away. Just looking up and walking forward a few steps curiously. Kate pointed out the donkeys in the distance and tried to convince me that cows were nice and more scared of me than I was worried about them.
There were several large trees about 100 years old that would've been wonderful to try climbing. But our goal was the river and we wanted to get back in time for dinner.
At the last field, we walked along a ditch full of water towards the beaver dam. Kate was explaining what the beaver had done in the area when we noticed the cows weren't keeping their distance. They'd closed in. A one-eared bull was near the front. Some of them were stamping their feet nervously. Then we noticed there were several calves in the direction we were headed. Oh grand.
We nonchalantly turned around and started heading back to the house. The cows began to follow. We stopped and turned to face them, thinking we might just bluff them into leaving us be. But 10 fat cows won't back down from two smaller girls.
So we turned and walked away. Slightly faster.
The cows came closer. We've both been around animals enough to recognize curiousity or animosity. These creatures were not behaving like your friendly neighborhood milch cow.
Kate began to get nervous and called her mom to bring some feed out to distract the cows. I watched the animals nervously everytime her phone chirped or when we snapped a stick underfoot.
We headed towards some trees, with the cattle on our heels (about 6 feet away. Yes we have long heels. )
Wouldn't you know, none of those marvelous 100yo trees was around for us to climb. I found one about as thick around as I am, and scrambled up it. Kate followed, but slipped and slid down the tree. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up. We were only about 5ft off the ground.
Sitting there wondering what to do, I began to sing Be Thou My Vision. (for those who don't know, I sing or hum when I'm really, really nervous. So laugh). The cows left by the third verse.
Cowboys sing to cows for a reason, I reckon.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Kate and I slid down the tree and hurried back to the house, calling in ahead that no rescue party was necessary.
(Later we found out a friend had been praying for us all day)
Kate's grandma met us and said she wanted us to go down the road and pick some blue flowers she'd seen. We hopped in the truck and went flower hunting. We found some odd berrylike plant with bluish fuzz hanging on them, and we found a leftover of a coyote.
We returned to report to Kate's grandma that no blue flowers were there. But she insisted they were. So then we all piled in her van and we cruised up and down the road at the high speed of 15mph. We brought home a sample of the blue-fuzz berry-weed whateveritwas.
It was starting to get dark, but we decided there was enough time to drive back out to the river on the gator. This time the cows stayed away.
The irrigation system was cool. Kate told me about it's flooding time and how they found Indian arrow and axe heads.
The beaver dam was a pretty mess. Was nice and quiet around there.
On the drive back we saw the most beautiful sunset.
I made dinner. Hamburgers. Everyone enjoyed them.

Monday we overslept. I took my time packing. Probably shouldn't have because Kate's truck had a flat tire. I wanted to try changing it ourselves, but we went to an auto shop instead. Very interesting to watch.
We stopped in Eufaula at Little Ceasar's. oh so good.
Arrived at my house just after lunch.
Kate got to play Come Thou Fount and other songs with us on her violin.
I wrote out some tablature for her.
We got a tour of the grounds to see what had happened while I was gone.
And then Kate went home.
And I made cookies.
The End.

What a week end!!!!!!!

Well, I didnt go get Kim after all. Instead, Aunt Judy was coming to Abbeville and so she brought Kim on down to headland to meet mom and I at a local cafe. Afterwards, I took Kim home to put her stuff in the trailer. As soon as we got that done, i called dad and he wanted us to haul peanut trailers and so, we did. After that, it was a whirl of excitement. Kim is becoming quite the farm girl!!!!! I am really happy that she got to come down. We had dinner and it consisted of Hamburger gravy and Rice.

We went to landmark Park and we put samples of cane juice on the table for people to taste. When Kim and I gat bored, we tied a string together and attempted to do the cats Cradle and we also attempted to do the Virgina Reel. That was fun.

We helped at Landmark Park and this time she brought her fiddle to the park. We started at the juice tasting table and then we moved to the house cause Kim got cold and she was in with the quilt makers and then we moved in with the dulcimer players. Kim did a wonderful job. I wish that I had thought to take pictures. We had dinner out and when out to eat at a place called Elderado Steakhouse.

We couldnt find a lost church. We finally found the lost church just after they had finished eating their Sunday meal. Twas an old church building that they had purchased and were fixing up.

The last day: Monday:
Tis the sad day that I took Kim to her house. The good part of the day was that I got to play my violin and play along with her family. Which I think was a shock since they knew that I couldnt play. All in all it was a good day!!!!!

THANK YOU KIM for coming to stay with me!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, for the past 2 weeks (except on Tuesdays)I've been working (volunteering) at Landmark Park with their fall school program and I have been helping the school kids make scarecrows for their classroom. It was a blast but, it came with a few headaches. Also coming up ..... I am going to meet Kim and her brother in Eufaula to bring her here to visit me. I have been busy mowing the yard and cleaning my room. Hopefully, Kim and I will be able to haul peanuts. Baby, its cold outside!!!!! Anyway, if I think of something else to write about I will. I an going to go eat then I will finish mowing!!!!! Good bye!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What to write .......... what to write ..........

I dont know what to write but, I am going to try and write something.

Well, my life has been nothing short of chaotic. With mom gone on her "March on Washington" thing and her coming in last Sunday and with moving my bedroom furniture and with me only spending 2 hours with her before finding out she had to go to Texas to be with will (my brother) cause he was going in the hospital (b/c he had heart surgery when he was a baby) and not last but not least with carpenters here, it has been one busy week. Not to mention that I was here with dad this whole time and we only went out to eat once. I am glad that mom came back cause I cant survive on my cooking alone and neither could dad. My life will cease to slow down until the end of Sept. Even then, it wont quit being busy cause then I start volunteering at Landmark Park. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I had to let out a scream. Did I mention that my friend Kim is coming next month????? I have to get ready for her and maybe my life will be somewhat normal .......... I hope.

Well, I wish I could write more but, I cant. Mainly cause I cant think of anything else to say ..........

Well, until I can think of something to write .......... so long!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

hmmmmm, I have not written anything since the 25 of August?

Hmmm, where should I start????? Well, my horse got out Sunday morning and we didnt know about it until Sunday night and I was about to get in bed but, instead, I went out to find my horse. I found him in the barn yard. I got in about 11:30 last night and I had to get my shower and I did not get in bed until 12:30. Then, he musta got out again during the night cause I saw where he walked up to where we had corn in a trough and Dad estimates that he ate 3 gallons of corn. It is not good for a horse to eat corn. I think that it is to many carbs and as a result they have gas and their tummies bloats up. I had that happen to my baby calf that I was raising and we had to stick a plastic tube down his throat and pour mineral oil down him. Anyway, that is how my morning went. I will write about something when I think of something to write.

See y'all!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What happened today (at the hospital) and Weight Watchers

Today at the hospital (around 12:00) Donnie came up to me and touched my back and messed with my hair and asked me when I was going to lunch. I told him that I was going to have subway and that I was going to take it home to eat it. He said ok. He then hugged me and I tried so hard not to cry. Tears were running down my face and I prayed to God that he would help me and he did. A lady (that I work with) distracted me by showing me a article in a magazine. After I went and got subway, I went to his desk in a huge office that he uses and I told him to not ever hug me again and he said ok. He asked me if we could talk and I said "yes but that I thought that we were pretty much talked out. He didn't say anything after that. So, I walked off and I came home.

I've started dieting today with weight watchers!!! Please pray for me!!!!!!

This is what I did over several days when I didnt have the internet

8/21/09 ~ Friday

Today, I got up and went to work (even though it was Friday. I’d already taken off so many days that I wanted to volunteer) but, I only worked 2 hours before my stomach started hurting me. I called mom crying and she said for me to just go with her (and also my grandmother and my niece) up to Auburn to stay the night with my cousins. So, I did and I was in pain up there and I took some meds and then I felt better. We had a good time and we also had pizza. We let the girls (my cousins: Lilly and Gracie and my niece: Lia) stay up as late as they wanted to and then we gave them a bed time snack and sent them up to bed.

8/22/09 ~ Saturday

We woke up and we had another good day. This day was filled with fun, going to the movies and swimming, (well, at least for my niece). “The Girls” left my niece out of everything that they were doing and just played on their computer without even asking Lia and they went to do things even if they didn’t ask her but, said that they did. Mom had a remedy for that and she took them to see “G-Force”. It’s about these hamsters (or either rats) that become spies for the FBI and Lia came back and said that she was scared. Then, as it was nearing time for us to leave, Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry came in from their trip. Also, Lia decided that she wanted to go swimming which, she did. All in all it was a good week-end spent in Auburn.

After we got home, I discovered that we didn’t have phone lines nor did we have internet access.

8/23/09 ~ Sunday

I woke up this morning to my stomach hurting me and so, I did not go to church. Mom gave me some meds before she left and one of the side effects of the meds is that it puts me to sleep so, I slept until 11:00. I took some more at 12:00 and now, I’m starting to get sleepy but, I’m going to finish this before I go to sleep. *goes to sleep* I’m completely out of it. It’s amazing that I’m still up and walking. I have not slept a wink since 12:00. Around 4:00, Lia and I played on my bed. I was trying to go to sleep and she learned how to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed and she also learned how to turn the vibrator on and watched an episode of “I Love Lucy”.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Life Of A Farmers Daughter

The Life of a Farmers Daughter

My mom woke me up this morning at 7:30 to tell me to get dressed to go to town to her eye doctor’s appt. (a yearly checkup) so that she can unpack the trailer because it has to go to the shop to fix a leak. So, I got up and got dressed. Mom decides at the last minute that she will keep her appt. No sooner did mom get out the door that I thought that I was free to read a book. I start reading the book and my dad calls me to come and help him get the truck unstuck from the field. After we got the truck unstuck we go and hook up to a corn trailer because he wants me to haul corn and so, I did not have a chance to change from my town clothes. I went to the corn field and lo and behold, the combine broke (not a big surprise here on the farm) and so, there were only 2 trailers to haul. An employee and I hauled the loads to town and I pulled an empty one from town to the house. Dad told me to leave it (the empty trailer) at the house and that he would take on to the field. I was the one that wound up taking it to the field. Meanwhile, mom wants me to go to the drug store (in Headland) and pick up some meds they (the drugstore) had forgot about. Anyway, so, after I drop off the corn trailer that I am pulling to town, I go to the drug store and get moms meds and then come home. End of story, right? Nope, guess again. I get home, and dad calls me to tell me to go to the John Deere place (a place in town that sells John Deere equipment) and pick up a rim for a tire. Did I mention that Dad wants me to take the rim for the tire that I got at the John Deere place and take it to a tire shop? I come back to the house after I put the trailer in the field and I got my truck and headed to town. I went to the John Deere place and picked up the tire and then as I was on my way home..... is this a third attempt at coming and staying at home? I lost count. Anyway, I was on my way home and dad called me wanting me to go by a building materials place so, I did and I am finally home!!!!! But wait, there is more!!!!! I have spent several hours at home and my dad calls me to go and pick him up in another one of our fields and to take him to another field. This is my life!!!!! The moral of the story is: I never know what I am going to be doing until I do it!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8/16/09 ~ Sunday

We (Dad, Mom, Lia and me) all went to church this morning and Lia had fun in her Sunday School Class. We came home and we left about 2:30 or 3:00. I know that cause we got to the beach at 5:00 and we only live about 2 1/2 hours away from where we went. Little did I know that a tropical storm was in the Gulf of Mexico and they told up when we checked in to stay hooked up incase of an emergency evacuation so, we did. Claudette (the name of the tropical storm) didn't bring as much rain as I had expected and no damage was done to the trailer so, it was a good day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Texas ~ 8/7

Will had off all day today (well, except for this mornings shift at UPS) Deanna had to be at work until 5:00. While Deanna was at work, will took me to a place (I forgot that name) where you can go watch airplanes take off at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. It was so much fun to watch them land and take off. Will took me to the Grapevine Mills mall but, my back was hurting and I didnt want to go walking in the mall so, we got back in the car and went to Deanna's work instead. she works at a place called Lakeshore and it has all sorts of cool things like, Charts, playdough (not edible, dern it) and modeling clay.

Deanna came home about 5:15 and we went to a place called Dave and Busters. We had so much fun!!!!! There is a game there called "Big Bass fishing" and I got a score of 500 and so, I got 500 tickets!!!! Tomorrow is the circus and I cant wait!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paxton and me!!! Just wanted to post a picture!!!!!

We hung out here at the apt. We had sandwiches for lunch and then I hung out with Deanna until she went to work and then I hung out with Will until he went to work. All and all a good day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8/4/09 ~ Tuesday

I woke up at 7:30, did my morning routine, changed clothes and got my bags in the car all by 8:30. We left at 9:00 to meet Will and Deanna (brother and sister in law) in Tyler (we were at Grandma's friends house in Henderson) at the Cracker Barrel. Will and Deanna got there before we did so, they went looking in an antique store (which was next door to the cracker barrel) . We got my stuff in their car and we started off for Dallas. It was a fun trip and then we arrived at their aptartment at 12:00 and then we had sandwiches and watched a show called "The Closer". It was a very good show.

Then Deanna and I watched an episode of "Gilmore Girl" girls (we are such "Gilmore Girls' fan. Then we went to run an errand over to a friend of Deanna's and then we stopped at Sonic (Deanna had a root beer float and I had a coke float with vanilla ice cream) and then we came home and watched another "Gilmore Girls" then "The Cosby Show" and then at 9:00, I watched "18 Kids and Counting" and then I helped Deanna with Supper.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed cause I'm going to try and be awake when my brother gets home.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The day we left for Texas ~ 8/3/09 ~ One long day!!

Mom woke me up at 7:00 (I think) and I did my morning routine and the she took me to Midland City to meet Grandma there (to pick me up). Grandma and I are on our way and we are somewhere between Montgomery and Troy and we are listening to the Bible conference tapes from her church (Grace Missionary Baptist Church).

We ran into some rain a few miles into Mississippi and it was a heavy rain. You couldnt see in front of you b/c of all the rain. A car almost rain into Grandma b/c she pulled out in front of it (even if she denies that it happened) and the car honked its horn (Grandma didnt hear it b/c of the rain hitting the windshield but, I did). Its 2:27 and the GPS says that we will be in Tyler, Texas at 8:12.

Momma, do I drive like Grandma????? She tails people, runs up on the tails of people & she scares me half to death. Do I drive like that?????

We got into Lousiana @ 3:20. I've been texting Deanna (sister in law) as to our whereabouts and I think that she likes that. I just told her (through texting) that Grandma suggested that we go as far as we can go today and Deanna texted me back and said that that was a good idea.

Much debate on hwere to stay for the night. We decided on going through Shreveport, La and we are going to stay in Marshall, Texas @ exit 617. Grandma might tail people, she might and she might get on the white lines and even on the thumoers but, she gets us to our destination quickly.

Its 6:07 (according to Grandma's radio clock in the car; my phone says 6:22) and we are about to be in Shreveport, LA. If we continue and dont stop, we will be in Tyler by 8:25

(In Texas ..... I think) Grandma is asking me about the 220 west bypass, the industrial bypass and the greenwood exit. I told her not to worry about those but (b/c we didnt need to), she asked me anyway.

Well, we arrived at Mrs. Bell's house at/around 7:30 and we had a nice visit. I miss Mom and Dad alot. I want to cry but, I know that that wont do any good. I have some note cards in my computer bag and maybe I can write down the verses that I know on them tonight. I know that I can read. I have lots to do without the internet!! I need to learn to survive without it cause one day I might have to.

I am forgetting about my package from Klaus!!!!! I wonder what he is mailing me?????

I think that I am going to call it a night and go read. Good night!!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Day before we left for Texas ~ 8/2/09

well, last night, Mom dropped me off at Grandma's house and I was fine until she started to leave. I went outside to see her go and I started to cry. Mom told me that everything will be O.K. She went home and Dad asked her if everything was alright and she said yes but, that I was crying. Dad felt sorry for me and told mom to come and get me. Mom came and I got home at 11:00 (I think). I read and fell asleep at 12:30

Friday, July 31, 2009

staying with friends .......

I am staying with my friends at their house (they live in Kinsey which is about 10 miles from my house) while Mom and Dad are gone to Mississippi on a Cattleman's tour. They wont be back until tomorrow sometime. My friends (Mary, Grace, Lillie, Rebekah, Gideon, Olivia and Mattie Alice Rose) and I are going to attempt to watch the "Love Comes Softly" series (based on the books by Janette Oak). There are 7 DVD's in all.

I leave for Texas in 2 days!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My surgery

Well, as you all may know I had my surgery yesterday. I went in at 6:00am and I didn't get out until 4:30. The first thing that I said when I came to was "Momma!!!!!" and "Pain!!!!!" Mom thought that I would never wake up from the anesthesia but, I did. Anyway, I'm in pain and I'm sore and they filled me up with gas to where my collar bone hurts.

I don't remember much about yesterday but, I do know that my grandma came by and brought me balloons (I even got a Disney Princess balloon!!!!! YYIIPPIIEE), my Aunt Judy sent me some flowers via a florist down here and also, last but not least, my dad brought me a red rose. I'm writing all of this down on here before I forget it :D

Well, until next time I write something ..........

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I've done since I've been in Auburn ......

Yesterday as wel as the day before, I hung out with my friend Kim. She is so fun to be around. She definitely has a heck of alot more energy then I do and even though I have a hard time keeping up with her, I still manage and I love her anyway.

Well this morning, I woke up and I went to work with my Aunt. I met Mr. Fred, Mrs. Ann Marie and Mrs. Tara. They are all very nice people. I am in charge of answering phones if other people dont get them before I do. I went to the bank for them and I got lost on my way back but, I thought it was funny. I was not exactly lost b/c I knew that I was in the continental united states and I knew that I was also in Auburn and I even knew what street I was on (it was just the wrong one). I went with Mrs. Tara to go get the mail also.

I had almost a whole steno page filled up of stuff to write here but, I left it at Aunt Judy's house. Whenever I get back to her house I will see what I missed and add it later if I feel like it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My eventful trip going to Kim's house!!

Well, I left this morning an hour behind schedule and I got off down the road and I had this feeling that i should turn around and go back home. Well, I didint listen to it. I got to the 4 lane (431 North) and my truck started doing funny things. I tried to call mom and dad but, they wouldnt answer (they were in sunday school). I prayed and kept trying. Meanwhile I was 1/4 the way into my journey when mom finally got ahold of me and I decided to pull over at a rest area (which is on a hill) so that I could get good signal. Anyway, I was able to talk to mom then and she told me to take it easy coming back home and to put it in 3rd gear which I did and I drove 55 instead of 65. Take note that they were already at church during all this and Mom was sending me text messages. So, I am at home now waiting on the surburban.

That is the long version. The short version is that I wont make it to Kim's until 2:00.

Until the next time I write something ..........

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Great Massacre of 2009

We went on this ride called: "Ride the Ducks". You go on a water adventure in these old WW2 things (I forget what they are called but, they used them in the war). Anyway, at the beginning of the ride they gave us these quackers. I have heard enough duck quackers to last me a lifetime. So, there is going to be a "Great Duck Massacre of 2009" coming soon to a campsite near you!!!!!!!!!!
Well, Tuesday night we went to go see the light show that they have here again. I walked only a few feet and discovered that I did not have my phone. It was dark and I only had a little light to see the ground. Mom and Lia came to help me look. I started crying b/c I knew that if I had lost this cell phone that I was not going to get a new one. I started praying that we (or someone) would find it. Mom decided to call it (to see if we could hear it ring or atleast see a glow from it) and a woman answered!!! She had found my phone laying on the ground!!!!! I was so happy!!!!! A guy brought it to me (maybe her hubby) and I asked him if I could give him a hug. He said yes so, I did!!!!!!!!!! I am so greatful and thankful that I found my phone. I guess that there are some nice and honest people in this world after all.

Wednesday morning: We woke up and its a whatever-anyone-wants-to-do-day. I wanna go hiking!!! The little kids probably have other plans.

Well, until next time ..........

Monday, June 29, 2009

We are in Stone Mountain!!!!!

We got up here on Sunday afternoon about 3:30 or 4:00 Georgia time. then just as we (mom and I) had finished setting up the trailer ..... My aunt with her 2 daughters came. We chilled last night and and rested then we went to go see the laser light show in the park and that was so awesome!!!!! Though I must say, that I liked the one at Mount Rushmore better!!!!!

This morning (Tuesday), we went to the Coca-Cola bottling museum thing and also to the Atlanta aquarium. fun was had by all but, we had quite an adventure finding the car!! We forgot where we parked it. We found it and we missed our turn coming to the camp ground but, we corrected it, thanks to the GPS that Mom bought Dad for Father's Day!!!!!

Well, I plan to write more about my trip so, until then .....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things that happened on Tues.

Where to begin.........

Well, I woke up at 7:30 or 8:00 and I scared myself thinking that I was going to be later for work. Then I remembered that I had to go to a class called "community cares" at the hospital at 11:15. I got there and I got to the classroom on time and the lady handed me the book and I told her that I already had the book. She asked me my name and then she said: "I wonder if you are the person that took it last month" and I said that I did take it last month and she said that I was exempt from taking the class again and told me to go downstairs to start volunteering!!!!! So, I went down stairs. The class started at 11:15 and so, I couldn't be seen as volunteering at 11:15 but, I volunteered anyway. I wasn't planning on it but, oh well .......... Thats how my tuesday went

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lets see ..........

What shall I type? My niece got here late Friday night and I've been having fun with her ever since.

She went to church yesterday. She was happy to go!! She said to DIDI (mom) after we had gotten home from church Sunday night) "DIDI, I wanna learn about Jesus!" I was a very happy Aunt at that moment. We had to hunt down my kid books on men in the Bible. She fell asleep while Momma was reading the story of Jesus to her.

Today, we are going to swim at my moms friends house. We are also watching Dora the Explorer right now. Also, I think that Momma is going to "chase down" Bobby Bright (the Alabama Congressman) sometime today. He is supposed to be in Kinsey this time. So, she is going to go see him.

Well, that's all that I can think of to write. Until Next time ..........

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a week .... what a week .....

I have no earthly idea on what to put ..... The Kirkland/Brackin Reunion is tomorrow morning/afternoon ..... My friends baby shower is tomorrow afternoon also ..... How am I going to juggle all these events????

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a day ... What a day ...


Last night Donnie called me and apologized but also decided to apologize to my face at my house. I told him not to come out to my house but, he insisted so, I called mom back to my room and Donnie hung up on me. I tried to call him but, he would not answer. I tried to call several times but, the only way that he would answer me is if he sent me a text message then i would call him and he would answer. He would not tell me where he was at even when I asked him over and over. Mom finally got him to tell her and so we made our way to the hospital cause that is where he was at. So, we got there and talked until his parents came to pick him up. I did not get to sleep until 2:00 this morning.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My first day of volunteering and root canal junk

It went well!! I was very surprised at how I caught on to the way things work. Lets see ... they let me go into the hospitals database to see if a patient is in the hospital and they also let me answer the phones ... it was so awesome!!! My time there was so exciting that I cant wait to get back on Thursday

Tomorrow, I have the joy of seeing a root canal dentist and having a (possible) root canal done. I wonder if they will knock me out .......... Hmmmmm ....................

I saw Donnie today and he probably hung out with me the majority of his time at the hospital. I was going to volunteer in another spot but, my dern tooth decided to start hurting me and so, I didnt. I cant wait until I get this tooth fixed.

Until next time .....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just another post ........../Granddaddy Just Died

Well, I start volunteering tomorrow at 10:00 and although no one is following this blog (at least I don't think that they are) I want to ask y'all to pray for me. This week is going to be very hectic with my family and my grandfather dying and everything else that is going on in my life .... its just hectic.

I am sitting here at my grandparents house with my uncle in the room and my mom and we are just talking ... and talking and talking and ... well, you get the point.

Breaking news ... my grandfather died tonight at 8:23pm. Please pray for my family!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Volunteer Orientation and Other things/stuff

I AM NOW OFFICIAL!!!!! I have a volunteer name tag and everything. I am so happy (and so is Donnie for that matter). I just hope we have the same hours ... Anyway, I have one more class to go to (I had one yesterday) and then I will be ready to volunteer.

I will go over to Donnie's parents house today after my class and I get to hang out with them which I think is so totally awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love hanging out with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part is that his niece "Katiebug" has no idea that I am coming over. We will probably watch a movie while I am over there which is A-Okay with me. I love watching movies with him.

I find it so totally cool that her nick name is Katiebug and so is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I need to finish cleaning and getting ready. Until next time I write .....

My Grandfather

My Grandfather does not have very much time to live now. My grandmother has been having hospice come in for a year now but, on Sunday, they said that he only had 24-48 hours left to live. Well, the 48 hours was up this morning and I have different theories as to why he is holding on.

I think he is holding on because:

1. He is suffering all the pain that he has been suffering b/c when I was 7+ he caused me pain.

2. He is troubled by that pain and is waiting on me to forgive him

3. The other theory is that he wants to "see" Donnie (but that probably does not apply b/c he does not know about Donnie

I wish that the Lord will go ahead and take him. I went in his rooom the other day and his back was to me so, I went around to where he could see me and his eyes were rolled back in the back of his head and he was still breathing and that was so scary for me. I just wish that the Lord will go ahead and take him .... Is that to much to ask???

Until nexxt time I write .....