Saturday, June 30, 2012

NO FACEBOOK (for 2 weeks)

I'm writing this as a "notice" to someone who lives in Ohio who has daughters that I just recently wrote and asked questions to on FB then I all of a sudden got off. Sorry A and M F.!!! Also, Mrs. F since will have to give them this message ;) Thanks!! :D

For months I have admired friends who were able to abstain from getting on FB. I thought, "I'm gonna do that! I really am!!" While are internet was on the fritz, I did (at times). You may or may not have noticed my lack of posting statuses. Our internet is still on the fritz but, I am able to get on it anyway.

A lot of things led up to my decision to get off FB but, it is a really, really, REALLY long story (not really) that I dont want to get into at this time. I also have alot of responsibilities here that I must attend to.

The MAIN reason(s): I'm getting off FB because it is TIME CONSUMING and  I dont need the DISTRACTION!

Y'all know how to get a hold of me if ya be needin' anything!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Music By Moonlight

Tonight, Dad, Mom, Lia and I went to Landmark Park to hear "music By Moonlight" put on by Music South. It was wonderful! They had A trio there by the name of "Sisters in Song". All of the "Sisters" are Elementary school teachers from various schools in the area.  They had other singers there as well like: Chris Godber and  Dr. Jim Dees.

Chris Godber was the saxophone player! He was soooooooooo good. I didn't think that I would enjoy it because I'm not a big saxophone music fan but, I really, REALLY enjoyed him!  \

He told his testimony and how he had asthma and the doctors told him that he would be unable to play but that God helped him to over come it! He gave God the glory for everything he does and is able to do. He also got up close with some of the audience!

Daddy and Momma seemed to enjoy it as well!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm simply burstin' !!

Even though its only been a couple of weeks, it still seems like forever since I have written on here!! True, I have written posts on here that remain unfinished but, that is because I come up with an idea but then I feel like it is not worth my time to write it so I desert it altogether. Now, I have something that I can write!!

Thursday: June 7 ~ To make a blog post shorter ..... My friend Carlee and I were in town and were were headed home and my car tire decided to blow out on me. I called roadside assistance and they called a local towing company to come pick up my car and take it to the dealership to get it fixed. Meanwhile, I had called Momma and she came to our rescue and picked us up and took us to run errands before she took us to the dealership to pick up my car.. Let me just give a shout out to SOLOMON CHEVROLET in DOTHAN, ALABAMA!! Mr Holmes (the service manager) is great!!! He takes really good care of me and my family with our automotive needs!! I'm a chevy girl through and through!!

Monday - Friday: June 4-8 ~ Vacation Bible School. Our theme this year was "Amazing Wonders Aviation". I was the co-teacher for 4th Grade. We had so many 4th graders that they had to add on extra classes. All together there were 3 4th grade classes! What a blessing it was to know that we had to add on classes!! I learned alot in VBS. I thought that it was only for kids but, it is also for us "big" people. I learned alot of songs that have actually stuck this year (as apposed to the years before). I'm wanting to post some of the songs on here but, I'm afraid this blog is already going to be to long.

Saturday: June 9 ~ Nothing happened on Saturday that I can remember

Sunday: June 10 ~ A big storm came through. I took several pictures (and one video) of the storm and clouds but, right now I'm experiencing technical difficulties in getting them from my phone to the computer so, I shall post them later! Wait, maybe I can email them to me from my phone ...... hmmm ........... OK!! I give up! I shall try to upload those pictures tomorrow!!! I'm to tired tonight!! Good night!! God bless!!