Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Adventures of the Farmers Daughter ~ Part 6 (Sorry for the long post .... not really)

Sunday: I took this picture right before the rain (downpour) comes:

Sunday afternoon, I thought that I was going to have to build an ark ;) It's not as bad as it used to be since Daddy installed the drain tiles a few years back. Front yard:

Side and back yard

This is what the river looks like on any given day (when there is not a drought up stream):

** ~ Photo credits go to Wilson Oppert Photography
 ** ~ Wilson Oppert Photography

This is a bonus photo** We've had to replace this fence 3-4 times because the river has been washing away the bank.

After the rains on Sunday afternoon, this is what the river looked like (the 3rd one up) was taken in the same spot as this first photo):

The river came into the corner of the field

Daddy's irrigation pump. This is what we use to pump water 1 mile up the hill to the fields.
I don't know if it flooded since I was not able to go down there Monday morning. I hope that it didn't

Daddy created a low spot (or did it form naturally ... ) so that when the river got up out of its banks, it weaved itself through the middle of the (river bottom) field. I had to go through the field on the left to go check the pump.

I was coming back from the river and I was going by our cow catch pen and I saw this:

 *Monday enters stage left* 

My day started at 4:30am!! For those of you that know me, something really important has to be happening for me to get up that early!! :D

Smokey: "Where are you going, Mom?"

"Maybe if I sit right here, she won't leave me!" ~ Smokey

Beautiful sunrise!

Cow day!  We separated the Momma cows from the baby cows. I did not get a picture of that but, I did get other pictures:

2 separate pens (there were more behind me). Sorted cows on the left (we did keep some of the wee calves, unsorted on the right.

Nice cow!

Our donkeys!! I'm sad that I didn't get a picture of the cute baby!

They came up to sniff my hand. We hand feed them corn when they let us.

This donkey let me pet it and hug its neck! :) <3 br="">

I stood so still for this picture (below ... it was hard too)!

Cows walking in the swamp that invaded the cow catch pen

*Wednesday enter stage right*

Again, my day started at 4:30am!!

Sorry this is blurry but, coffee is what gets my day started on early mornings! :D

 Daddy was going to have to go to Georgia to get some tractor parts and since he just had knee surgery (and is not supposed to be on his knee like he is anyway), I volunteered to go for him. I was excited as this was my first time going to get parts in Georgia!  It was so much fun! I even got a free t-shirts from the tractor dealership over there. :)