Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update to my last post

Well, Life is throwing me a curve ball and killing me at the same time!!!

I contacted Itunes (via email) and they are going to reimburse me a certain amount of money in 5-7 days.

However, last month SiriusXM radio called me and wanted to extend my subscription with them for 6 months at a set price. I could not refuse $30 for 6 months!! They are not going to charge my debit card until the 20th of July!! Which is: TOMORROW!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

Now, the money from Itunes is not here yet and I AM NOT going to call my Mom to bail me out!! I cried last time I did cause I as so embarrassed!!! Anyway, I have some money that my boyfriend (Marc) owed me so, I am going to go tomorrow and drive to Headland and put it in the bank so that my account will not be over drawn!!!

I thought that all my troubles were over!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life has Thrown Me a Curve Ball

Anyone want to donate to the "Kate Needs Help" fund???

Living off from home has definitely taught me a few thing!! Like:

1. I don't have enough funds to support me on my own

2. I still need my Mommy and Daddy

3. I am learning to trust God more!!

4. I'm still immature (only I can tell me that one)!!!

5. Contrary to popular belief I am a spender not a saver (for all of you who might know who Dave Ramsey is ... he would not be happy with me)

6. I only have 47 more days until I move back home! How am I supposed to feel about that when I love it here so much??

This month, I am already broke. It's not even the middle of the month yet!! I still have one bill to pay! Granted, I only pay half but still. I made a couple of stupid purchases that I really didnt have to purchase but, I did anyway. I'm kicking myself for that one!!

Earlier this week I thought that someone double charged me for the same purchase so today, I went to the (small town) neighborhood friendly bank to get it straightened out! Turns out, they did not double charge me but, it sure did seem like it. Ayway, while there, I went to see if I could reverse the charges (thats when I found out they did not double charge me for the same purchase) ... I didn't reverse them. Also while there, I went to go see the very friendly CS (Customer Service) person. We chatted. I started tearing up. She asked i I was crying. I said that it was just allergies. I dont think that she bought it .... She asked me if she needed to call Momma again (I asked her to o this a couple of days ago and she did) and I said yes. I asked her to ask Momma to put some money in my account (that was/is disappearing) and she did. My bank account is not here I would like it to be but, it will be once I move back home and start saving again!!

So you see, I (still) NEED MY MOMMY!!! I am 25 years old and I am not ashamed to admit that either!!!

Oh, I have not mentioned Marc in a while! He is still around. Apparently, he has not gotten tire of me yet and I hope that that never happens!! Last night I went out to eat with his Mom, her friend, Marc at Blue Plate. Its a local restaurant that specializes in Southern Cooking. We had a blast. Marc had a blast also ..... especially since the restaurant was right next door to Sportsman Outfitters (?)?? Anyway, he has also been gracious enough to help me with my math when I needed help!!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this!!

Anyone want to donate to the "Kate Needs (major) Help" fund???