Friday, November 20, 2009

Update .....

I just talked to mom and she said that Deanna signed the divorce papers. Will received the call yesterday just as he was going to pick mom up at the airport. So, no court hearing!!!!! Which is a blessing!!!!! Mom, Anna and Will (and maybe Paxton) is hanging out today!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Life Of A Farmers Daughter ~ Part 2

This is how my day went.

Well this morning, I went to play with the baby chicks. I took some pictures and here they are!!!!! While I was at the chicken houses, Dad tracked me down! He told me that he needed me to go to the John Deere place and get him a part and take it to the field. I did that, came home, got my shower and headed to Ozark to take Dad's prize peanuts and to help decorate for the banquet that was tonight!! I got there to late, however to help so, I started home! I got on the home stretch and Dad called me to go again to the John Deere place. I went to the John Deer place again and I took him the part again (it was a different part) and then came home and I started hauling peanut trailers. Thus ends this day in the life of a farm girl!!!!!

Here are the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well, I think it is high time that I write something here!!!!!

Well, the past week:

I've accepted a friend request on FB and the guy on the other end is from Sweden!!! Who woulda thought that a country bumpkin from Alabama would talk to a guy (via the internet) in Sweden??? Not me!!! It has been great fun talking to him and learning all I can about Sweden. It is the best thing since I can't go overseas. I hope to continue to talk to him in the future!! One thing that I have found that we have in common is that he used to work on a farm and I live on one and so he asks me questions and I ask him questions and that is cool!!!!!

This week:

Tuesday: I went to the farm City banquet where we accepted an award for the best peanut plants in the fair!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (wednesday), I went to ride horses at some people house. We go to church with them and that was so much fun considering that I have not ridden in a year and a half, I think. However, I am going to bring my own saddle and I wanna bring my own horse and so, maybe I can

Tomorrow (Thursday): Mrs. Marie Kirkland (wife of dad's 3rd cousin) is going to have some 138,000 baby chicks delivered to the chicken house and I wanna go and see them. I hope to take pictures!! I will be waking up at 7:00 (which is 2:00opm Swedish time) to get ready for this.

Mom is going to Texas and so is my sister (Anna). They are going to be with my brother while he is having his divorce hearing. I wish that this was not happening. I love Deanna (my sister in law) to death (despite what she may think) and she will be forever considered my friend. I just want to say that I am so sorry that this is happening. I wish it wasn't. My brother is wanting to stay on in Texas and work for UPS and as much as I understand that, I wish he was home. I may get in trouble for posting this but, this is how I feel.

Also going on tomorrow (Thursday): Is another Farm/City week Banquet that I am going to help some ladies decorate for. So, I will leave home at 10:00am (which is 5:00pm Swedish time) for that. I don't know if I will be home after I help decorate or if I will have to stay In Ozark (which is where the banquet is being held). I hope I don't b/c I really look forward to talking to this new found friend of mine in Sweden.

Well, I cant think of anything else to write and I am getting tireder by the minute so, I will say goodnight!!!! To all those who read my blog posts: I love you guys (as friends)!!!!!!!!!!! *****hugs*****