Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Little Bit about the Farmers Daughter

I know that I’ve had this blog for a while and even though I don’t need an introduction, I’d like to tell y’all something about me.

I would like to tell y’all a secret. A secret that if I wouldn’t tell, y’all may never know.

The secret is that I have a part of a chromosome that is missing. It’s called a chromosome deletion.

The deletion I have is so rare that it doesn’t have a name, it just has a number. The number is: 10q26.3 (try googling it if you don’t believe me). That means that the tip of my 10q26 chromosome is missing at 26.3 (I’m only on aware of one person in England that has it). Like I said, you would have never known my secret if I hadn’t of told you because you can’t see it with the naked eye. 

My chromosome deletion effects my cognitive and motor skills (which is why I’m not good at sports). OK, I was semi good at volleyball (for a year or two) but, that was because I had a good coach who worked with me.

A baby example that my Mom often gives is: When I was a baby, I got a spanking for coloring on the wall in the den. I learned that I was not allowed to do that but, it didn’t register that I was not supposed to color on the walls in the hall either so, I got another spanking

Math is another example … Don’t get me started on that. I can do basic stuff like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing but when it comes to the word problems, I start struggling because I don’t understand.

My Mom is always saying “You have to give me some time to figure out a way to explain this so you can understand.” or she’ll say “You just don’t. That’s it!” or “You just do. That’s it!”. Believe me, I’d like to be able to understand things. I think I can but please, don’t give me more information than I can handle. Tell me to do stuff one thing at a time. Be patient with me when it comes to euphemisms and abstract thinking.

I was scared to write this because I thought that people would think less of me but, this is the way God made me and He doesn’t make mistakes. I’m no longer holding back with God’s grace and mercy in my life. I’m no longer holding back on the things that God wants others to see through me.

By "no longer holding back", I mean that if someone comes up to me asking me about it, I'm not going to hid it from them. I'm going to be as honest as I can.