Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Recent Conversatin that I had With Mom

So, I called Mom and asked her to put something in the mailbox for me ad this is the conversation that followed that conversation. It went something like this:

Mom: Are you going to go to school tonight?

Kate: I dont know.

Mom: You dont know? Why aren't you going to school tonight?

Kate: 'Cause math is getting so hard!

Mom: Well, you HAVE to go to school. You didnt come this far just to give up did you?

Kate: No. Besides, Mrs. Vickie and Mr. Larry (my teacher and her husband) WILL NOT let me quit

Mom: Well, if you dont go to school then you will have to move back home where I can control you.

Kate: Mom, I'm just joking

Dad yells to Mom from other room: Tell Kate that if she wants to continue getting gas here at the farm then she HAS to go to school

Friday, June 3, 2011

On Mondays and Wednesdays ....

I volunteer at Flowers Hospital from 12:30 to 4:00. Mrs. Rhonda (the volunteer supervisor) has me working the information desk at the main entrance to the hospital. I love doing it. She has me working there because there are 2 deaf guys (Mr. Rick and Mr. Bob) working there and they cant hear even with the hearing aids in. Mrs. Rhonda has confidence in me that I will step in and help if she need me to.

I was working on Wednesday and it was a very bad day. We had a patient in the hospital that chose to opt out o the hospital system. We still can see the name on the computer screen at the front desk but, if there is a "@" sign before there name, we are supposed to say "I'm sorry but, I dont have any information on the person". We are to act as if they are there but, not really there. Anyway, back to my story .....

Mr. Bob was asked if we had a John Doe (name changed due to HIPAA regulations). Well, I had already looked up the name John Doe earlier for someone else and they were not "in" the hospital. So, While Mr. Bob was asked about John Doe, I told hm that he (John Doe) was not in the hospital. Mr. Bob had to look it up anyway. When he did I just started saying that we dont have information on the patient. I mean, Mr. Bob will go: Is it John Doe, Billy Bob Doe, James, Doe, etc.. He will go down the list telling them (the people asking) the names until he eventually hits upon the right name.

I go to deliver flowers. While I am gone, he takes it upon himself to go into the patients room (which we are not supposed to do) and tells them that they are getting calls and people asking about the patient. I apparently cant leave him alone. I'm guessing that the people in the room get a hold of Mrs. Rhonda and tells her what went on and she puts Mr. Bob in his place. Anyway, Mrs. Rhonda comes to the front desk and talks to him but, I don't think he understood a word she said.

Mr. Rick was on the phone to someone calling to ask about a patient and he cant understand a word they are saying (b/c he is deaf) even with the phone on its loudest setting. I can hear what is being said!!!!! Mr. Rick gets very loud (the atrium echos) and I am thinking "Oh no, these people heard him talk in anger!!!" He said: "I cant hear a word you are saying NOW WHAT IS THE LAST NAME!!!" He bangs the phone down on the receiver. He then gets frustrated because people are walking past the info desk. See, when you walk in the main entrance there is a TV screen on the far wall telling you which rooms are in which direction and what elevators to take. He (Mr. Rick) voiced this to me and he asked why they were walking past and I told him about the TV screen and he just said: "How about go to Hell!" Yes, that is what he said to me!! I told him that I was not arguing with him and I shut up and started reading my book. I told Mrs. Rhonda about this and I was almost in tears. I told her that if it was not for her that i wouldn't be here. She said that she knew this. I love Mrs. Rhonda! She is so nice, sweet and awesome!!!

She told me that she is going to have to put them somewhere else and keep me at the front desk.

Please pray for me on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I have less hairs now and I have VBS next week!!! ALSO: Will and Amy are coming!!!!! I cant wait!!!!! Gee, I hope they bring Paxton!!!