Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Originally written on May 16

I know that I have not written in a while!! I've been busy!! I moved in (a desk, a trundle bed, clothes, my TV and dirty clothes hamper) with my friend Jessica the last day in April and since then I have been homesick only once. Only 100+ more days to go before I move back home!!!

Last Saturday, Marc and I went to the Johnny Mack Brown Film festival at Landmark Park!!! They had movies that Johnny Mack Brown was in, cowboy mounted shooting and also the reenactment of the 1889 shooting in Dothan between the farmers and the towns people of the newly founded City of Dothan, Alabama. Johnny Mack Brown is a Dothan native who earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama and later went on to Hollywood!! It was very interesting to see!! I love going to Landmark Park even if there is not anything going on out there!!!!

I've been hanging out with Marc alot lately since his Momma has been home. She drives truck (semi's) for her Uncle over in Georgia. She has since gone. While she was home, I washed and folded laundry. I am going to go back later today (while Marc is at work) and finish up the rest. Maybe I can "git 'er done"!!!

I love going to Marc's farm!! He has chickens and horses!! When I am there, I help him feed the horses and gather the eggs in the chicken pen. That is so much fun!! Makes me wish that we had chickens on our farm in Headland. Not chickens to sell but, chickens to raise and gather the eggs.

OH!!!!! I went to Wally World last night and I was going through the soft drink section and I saw my favoritest drink ever!!! Its called BIG RED!!!!! My brother first introduced me to them a long time ago when he brought me some from Texas!!!!!! It is sooooo good!!!!! I wonder if he will want some when he comes home??? I wonder if Amy would want some but, I bet that she has already had some!!!!

Other stuff:

I am teaching 5th Grade VBS this year ... which is great because I love teaching 5th Grade!!
After all, I do teach 5th Grade GA's (Girls in Action)!!!

My brother and sister (in law) will be here in a couple of weeks!!!!!

Our Family Reunion is going on the day after (or the day that) my brother gets here. I might move back home temporarily for the weeks that VBS (Vacation Bible School) is going on and also the week that my brother will be here.