Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My before Pennsylvania Blog

well, as I am sitting here in my room writing this ... I am thinking about my upcoming adventure to Pennsylvania. I've never been to Pennsylvania before so, this is going to be fun. Before I go to Pa though, I will need to drive to Kim's house on Wednesday so that we can stay up all night so that we can sleep on the plane going to Detroit, Mi. which is where we are going to switch planes and and then be on our way to Erie. I'm gonna leave Victor and Romeo at Kim's house so, I am going to have withdrawals. More to come later .....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Revised New Year Resolution

Apparently, i am going to be very busy in the coming days/weeks/months because I'm going to (not in this order):

1. Clean (which I already do)

1 1/2. To get ready for the party that I am having this week end.

2. School

3. Work at hospital

4. Read the Bible

5. Pray more (I've already been doing this)

6. Read all of the Elsie Dinsmore books in one year. There are 12 books written by Martha Finley. so, that is one book a month. I think I can do that. For the past few years, I have read 11 of the 12 books. This time I wanna read the whole series.

7. To not think about having a boyfriend. This is going to be hard for me to do but, with God's help, I can. I know that God will send me someone when He is good and ready. I know from people telling me that when I stop looking, the guy will come. I know this is true but, I just want a boyfriend so bad.

8. Write me out a schedule to to go by

9. Trust God and rest in HIM

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An update to my earlier blog entry ..........

well .........

I got up to Kim's house on Sunday (as I already said). We went romping in the woods and we walked by the creek and we say icicles and water and water flowing over rocks ..... went to an island ....... Did a stupid video about some bones that Kim found that Mark recorded. Later on, I called my Aunt to tell her that I would be getting to Aubunr late and I got her voice mail but, I explained to her why I would be late and asked. Then, I called my uncle and explained to him and he said it didn't matter what time I got in. We (Kim, Mark, Carrie and I) went on a walk and talked and talked some more and even watched a puppet show. We went to Tiger Town and went to BAM (Books A Million) and then to Starbucks. We got done around 10:15 or something like that and I headed to Auburn. Well, I got to Auburn and all was dark .... the house I mean. I parked and got my stuff together and was walking to the garage and I had to go trough a tight squeeze. So, I made it in the garage and I could barely see and the next thing that I heard was my Uncle unlocking the door and showing me the gun. I said to him: "Thank you for not shooting me" and he said "I wasn't going to shoot you ...... I was going toe shoot the burglars" I said that I am sorry that I didn't call to remind them and told them that I would have if I had a cell phone signal. So ........ that is the story ..........

Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Years ................

Well, I had a fun time with m sister and BIL (Brother in law) and my niece and also with my brother. The late Christmas was nice. I got many presents. Well, I say many ..... I got 2 movies from my sister (Becoming Jane and also, Emma) In my stocking, I got: gloves, some smell good stuff, a pocket sized suduko (sp) book and um, something else that I cant remember. My brother and and a friend of his came over and spent New Years day with us and we watched Christmas movies ..... Well, one movie ..... Ernest Saves Christmas!! With my niece I watched: The Muppet Christmas Carol. My sister left Saturday and Kim (m friend in Phoenix City to those that don't know) had invited me up to her house Sunday and my brother left on Sunday so, I left and went to Auburn (I promise this is how it went: I left home at 8:30 Sunday Morning and I got up to Kim's house at 10:00. That's not eve 2 hours ..... I hope to goodness that my math is wrong). Anyway, it was fun going up there ..... The highlight of my time at Kim's was when I got to see 2 good friend ..... Mark and Carrie. We had a blast. I am so glad that Kim invited me and I told her that I am so glad that I met her. My drive home was uneventful. Well, except for the home stretch. There was a police car parked on the side of the road with the lights on (it wasnt after me, thank goodness) So, I've had a real blast!

Thanks for letting me come up there, Kim

P.S. Mom and I are talking (just talking) about having a mini get together (not an HSA get together) but a small get together of 4 people (including me) sometime this year. It will have to be in the Summer so that it will accommodate our hectic farm schedule. Anyway, be thinking on it. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. Cell: 334-726-8328 ... Home: 334-693-2552 ... Email: katiebugorama@gmail.com Oh, and no guys allowed ..... Sorry guys!!!!!!!!!!