Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm taking a break

I'm taking a break with the blog. I intend to keep writing in here but, it wont be as often due to us being in harvest. I hope to be back to writing more regularly beginning in November. Lord willing, we wont still be harvesting into December ..... Anyway, thanks for being patient and being a reader here!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Memorable Day ( that I dont care to repeat ever again!!!!!!!!!! )

It was 4:00 and I had just taken a empty peanut trailer to the end of the field and drove back to get a full load (at the opposite end from the road).

After Daddy had raked down the peanuts level enough to where they would not fall off, he gave me some last minute instructions: "Now, Kate, I want you to put the truck in 4 wheel low and get up speed quickly and go across the field at an angle to avoid the sand trap." It was 4:08 by the time I got started.

As I was gaining speed, I noticed that tires were spinning in the sand of the field. The tires could not get traction. Finally, they stopped spinning and I was zooming towards the end of the field. I suddenly felt the trailer sliding from side to side. I looked back and it WAS sliding from side to side. Something (or someone) told me to slow down (and I am glad that I did). Then, another snag in the plan!! There were some plowed up peanuts still lying on the ground (waiting to be picked) where I needed to go!!

I should point out that Daddy does not like anyone to drive over plowed up peanuts

Then, I told myself, if I can just gain the traction of the grass then the tires would stop spinning, the trailer would stop swaying from side to side and I can get out of the field. I went to turn and then, it happened!!!!!

I was in the process of jack knifing!!!!!!!!!

I quickly sent up a silent prayer then, did the only thing that I could think of. I pressed the brakes and I held the steering wheel very still. The trailer went straight and I still mashed the brakes and then the truck was being pushed by the trailer. I was pushed sideways.

I jack knifed!!!!!!!!!!!

After the dust had settled, I called Daddy and I said: "Daddy, I don't know what I just did but, I think that I just jack knifed!! He said ok and he said that he was coming.

I got out of the truck and my knees were shaking and I just sat down and cried. Not tears of sorrow because I thought that Daddy would be mad at me but, tears of joy that I was ok.

When everything was said and done and I called Daddy it was 4:13.

Upon looking back on it, if I had not of listened to the voice inside myself and turned later that I did, I would have landed in a very deep ditch (that I was only 50 feet away from when I jack knifed) and possibly would not have lived to tell this story. The peanut trailer could have turned over spilling millions of peanuts and in turn flipped the truck over and would have squished me.

I am very grateful to the Lord for letting me live!!!! I praised Him in the field and I still am praising Him. All day long, I have sung the song: "Count your blessings name them one by one"

Anyway, just wanted to tell y'all of my experience!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Courting Customs in America

Courting with Fans

To the young ladies and men of the 19th century, fanology was a secret and silent language that could be used to communicate without speaking. Fanology included an intricate alphabet. Sometimes a coded rendezvous time could be made by the number of sticks showing. Other symbols included are:

Covering your left ear to request that your secret be kept

Twirling the fan in your left hand to warn of being watched

Drawing the fan across the eyes by way of apology

A half opened fan to the lips is a way of giving permission to kiss

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A funny FB status

This is the conversation that took place as soon as Daddy walked in the door from hauling the last load of peanuts to town:

Daddy: Is everyone in bed?? Where is Mom??

Kate: No, not everyone, Mom is still up.

Daddy: Where is she?

Kate: On the commode

Daddy: Where??

Kate: On the throne!

Momma (from Bathroom): I'm in the bathroom!

Daddy: No. She's in the oval office!!!!!

Gotta love my daddy!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Courting Customs in America

Courtship in the 1830's to the 1880's

The evolving relationship between women and men for economic support gave way to a more divided relationship. Women were regarded as morally superior and were granted increasing authority concerning household duties and the raising of the family. Men remained the main authority outside the home, for example with the family's farm or business.

During this time period, courtship became very formal. Rings were now exchanged to represent engagement and parents were asked for permission to marry. This period formability also encompassed the beginning of the white bridal gown and veil, which symbolized purity.

Romantic love was the focus of the era and was viewed as the main requirement for marriage. "To Couple is a Custom" (The Bundling Book, 1774 and reprinted in 1836).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Courting Customs in America

The Courtship of George and Martha Washington

It is often said that George and Martha Washington had a whirlwind courtship. After spending no more than 20 hours together on two occasions, they were wed. A year older than her bridegroom, Martha possessed qualities that made her the most desirable woman in Virgina. She had an agreeable disposition and 17,000 acres of farmland.

The wedding was the social event of 1785 in Virginia. Martha gained a husband to run the plantation and business affairs and Washington gained the social status.

During the first year of their marriage, Washington wrote to a friend: " I am now, I believe, fixed at this seat (Mt. Vernon) with an agreeable consort for life."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Courting Customs in America


In the days of early America, the desire for marriage and children was so desirable that a tax was levied on bachelorhood


~ Acquaintance Customs ~

Dances were a popular folk activity in early America. When unmarried young men and women attended these folk dances, they always carried 'conversation lozenges' on the person. Conversation lozenges were often heart-shaped sweet candies with tender messages of love written on them. The young lads presented them to the ladies they were attracted to. If a young lady did not return the lozenge, or if she gave the young gentlemen own of her self-designed lozenges, it was assumed that the pair was on the way to become a socially recognized couple.


***** The heart as a symbol of love *****

Throughout romantic literature, the heart is regarded as the ultimate expression of love. "I give my heart to you." "I love you with all my heart." "My heart goes out to you."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Courting Customs in America

This is a short one so, I am going to combine 2 things together. Just wanted to let my readers know!!!!!

***** Courting Customs *****

Parental involvement in courtship was expected because marriages was not merely an emotional relationship between individuals but also a property arrangement among families. A young man was expected to bring land or some other form of property to a marriage while a young woman was expected to bring a dowry worth about half as much.

***** The Courtship of Dancing *****

Dancing has always been a form of courtship in America. In colonists America, for example, each village had its own fiddler who seemed to always been available for barn dances. The festive dances were conducted on the hard wood floors with bits of straw scattered for effect.

Later, every civilized village had a dancing master who provided proper instruction in the art of dancing. Little boys and girls learned how to dance the minuet, to bow and to curtsey(sp).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Courting Customs in America

~ Manners and Morals of Bundling ~

In the community, there was definitely a dispute as to the manners and morals of bundling. The moral question always involved the female. "Was it right and proper for a woman to bundle with a man to whom she is not married?" The question, in reverse, was never asked of a man

In those days, a young gentlemen might have the right to bundle with his beloved, if he was given the chance, and yet, at the same time, declare it to be immoral for the girl to accept his companionship in the bed. And, most certainly, a young gentlemen had every right to be disturbed if he learned that his partner had previously bundled with another.

Puritan New Englanders did not regard love as a necessary precondition for marriage. Indeed, they associate romantic love with immaturity and impermanence.

True love, the puritans believed, would appear following marriage.

A proper marriage, in their view, was not based on love and affection, but on rational considerations of property, compatibility, and religious piety. Thus, it was acceptable for a young man to pursue "a goody lass with an abundance of money" so long as he could eventually love his wife-to-be.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Art of Bundling in Early America

Getting to Know Thee

Bundling is an early American courtship custom, thought to have originated in Holland and the British Isles. It was extended to America, particularly to New England, and most widely practiced in the years prior to the Revolution of 1776

Bundling is the practice of engaged or courting couples, laying on a bed together, completely dressed or bundled, persuing their romance. The couple was usually separated by a bundling board, sack or bolster.

Bundling normally took place when a suitor visited his intended and needed to stay the night due to bad weather or to many miles to walk back.

Bundling is believed to have died out in the nineteenth century as bigger houses were being built and more beds were available but, the fascination with the custom continues to this day.

~ Bundling Quotes ~

"Quiet as a mouse we were after midnight. We just laid there and talked until then"

"As long as he minds his manners, bundling is permitted"

"Many happy marriages came from bundling"

"Many will giggle and laugh at the process"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Courting Customs in America ~ Second Dates

Increase and multiply was the cry of encouragement from the villagers in early America

Courtship customs and activities have changed much over the years. In days gone by, the ritual of courtship was very structured.

1. Introduction of the man and woman was considered proper and mandatory. After the first introduction was made, the mother of the household would request a 'call' from the man. This meant that, in the mothers presence, the man was to pay a visit. Parents would sometimes sit in a nearby room and listen to the couple's conversation

2. Second dates were expected more often that not.

3. Decorum was propriety and good taste in behavior was expected

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Courting Customs in America

Courtship In The Colonial Times

American courtship began when the colonies were first being formed in the new land. The challenge of forming new towns, farming the land and learning survival skills were often more than the colonists could handle. These tasks required a greater amount of man power to meet the demands; the rituals of courtship were kept short and simple an order to facilitate quick and early marriages. Courtship was less parent-oriented and more a simple necessity of interdependence that depended on the financial status of the future husband and his ability to support a wife and a family.

The parents focused much less on the search for the perfect marital partner for their daughter and focused more on the wedding her in order to bear children and thus help support the enormous work load.

Many believed that love developed only after a marriage progressed and not before. In time, there was a movement towards marrying for love-a love that involved openness and sincerity in a future mate.

The seeking of a mate was not necessary because couples often knew each other from social activities, such as church or school. These settings gave the couple the necessary time and opportunity to get to know each other in a structured setting.