Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know that it has not been long since I wrote in my blog but .....

Oh, where to begin .....

Well, January was great!! As you all know, I was sick this month last year (2008) and I was not sick this year so, that is a praise!!!!!

In February, I was also sick this month last year (2008) but, I was not sick this year!! Praise the Lord!!!!! This month we found out that my brother has Leukemia and we have been busy tending to Will (my brother) and all that jazz. Will continues to stay in remission. Thanks to all for your continued prayers!!! Please don't stop!!!

Here we are in March!!!!

I was sick half of this month in 2008 but, I was not sick this year!! Hallelujah!!!!!

Mom came home March 3rd as I posted in my last post. I was so glad to have her back home!!! I missed her so much!!!!!

Will brought Paxton (aka Paxtonian aka Pierre) to stay with us for a *few* days!!!! In this case, a *few* days means 2 and a half months (atleast). I am so excited to have him here!!! I will post some pictures later!!!!!

Also, Mom and Dad went on their annual legislative trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with the congressman (of our district) who is Bobby Bright!!

Oh, and also this month, I went to Landmark Park to volunteer and I wound up playing my violin with a group of people (the same group of people that Kim Godin played with last fall)!!! They gave me oodles and oodles of their music to learn and I have been learning it!! I've *translated* some of it to tabs already!! I cant wait to play with them in the fall!!!

Did I mention that I have a new outfit to wear to Landmark Park???? I will post pictures later!!!!!

My future is looking brighter and brighter as the days go by!!! I cant wait to see what God has in store for me!!! I am sooooo excited!!!!! Can ya tell???

Well, I must be getting in bed since I have to work tomorrow!!! Good Bye until I can think of something else to write .....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will update ~ March 4

Dear Friends,

It’s been a few days, but, rest assured, no news means good news. Will’s blood work continues to improve and we continue to be thankful for your prayers. He, and we, are dealing with the reality of CML better and better every day and continue to be grateful to God for his blessings.

I made the trip home from Dallas yesterday and have spent the day putting out a few ‘hot fires’ and resting. I had an unusually good trip home for which I am thankful. It is good to be home, but it was ever so hard to leave him in Dallas.

We are still praying for hematologic remission (blood looks normal) by mid May, cytogenic remission (marrow is normal) by mid August and molecular remission (bone marrow stem cells are normal) within a year.

Barring any crisis I won’t have anything to report until we reach those goals. So please keep him on your prayer list and consider no news to be good news. You will be the first to know as we reach each and every goal.

Again, we are thankful from the depths of our being to a great and mighty God who holds us in His hand, and to all of you, His children, who have lifted us up in prayer over the last couple of weeks.


Debbie….and Thomas & family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Life of a Farmers Daughter ~ Part 3

well. at 6:00 pm yesterday, Dad and I were on our way to a farm meeting about Cotton. BTW, cotton is rare in the US right now since nobody made all that much. I fear that cause of that, the prices for clothes is gonna be higher than they are right now. Now, I don't know this a fact (well, actually I do...) but, it is what I got out of the meeting from yesterday.

Anyway, Dad and I were coming home last night around 8:00 or 8:30 and all of a sudden Daddy lammed on brakes ..... cows were in the road. Now, Alabama is what they call a free range state. That means that we technically do not have to have fence but, we do anyway as a precaution and if a car were to hit a cow and damage the car .... the person can not sue the farmer. Inst that great?!?!?!?! So, After discussing with Daddy weither or not I should go back down the road to the cows to sit with my flashers on, Daddy let me go. Well, I had to ga up my truck cause it was running low. I ot back up to the house to tell dad that I was headed down there and to get my phone and I was coming outside and I thought that I heard sirens!!! I thought that someone had hit a cow!!!!! So, I got in my truck and took off rather fast down the drive way ..... I was going down the road at 65 MPH with my flashers on. I got down there and saw that the cows were in but, I stayed to help look for some stragglers. I even helped the owner feed the cows and check the fence.

Out in the country (well, here anyway), if you wanna have a neighbor hood get together have a fire truck ambulance, a police car stop at your house or the cows get out and people are bound to show up to see what is happening!!!

Until I can think of something interesting to right about..... so long!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hallelujah!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!! He is worthy to be praised!!!!!

Will's blood work continues to improve!!! His wbc (white blood cell) count was at 230 and now, it is at 164!!!!! For those of you who do not know, that is very, very good!!!!!