Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its Blogging Time ... Again

Well, how can I say this .... I AM MOVING!!!!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Kate is moving out of her parents house and in with a friend over the summer!!!!!

Her name is Jessica McLaughlin and I have known her for 3 1/2 years AND to all those concerned ... YES, my parents have agreed to this!!!!!

I cant wait to move. I realize that this might be of some surprise but, its not really. Atleast to me it isn't!!!

I've been praying about this for months now. God has opened up a door for me to "try" living on my own without my parents having to buy me a apartment and furnishing it.

I am saying now that I can't wait to move out but, I am sure that when I actually do move out, I will be saying that I cant wait to get back home!!!

Pray for me as I make this new transition!!

Another thing .... I am going to save a bundle (ok, maybe not a bundle but, I am going to save a lot) on gas since my school is only going to be 5 miles away instead of 30 (from my home in Headland)!!!!! I still will have to drive to Headland 1 time a week (to teach on Wednesday nights) but, that will only be til the end of May!! I will also have to drive to Newville (a small rinky-dink town outside of Headland) to go to church.

I am going to save on gas since my new car gets 38-40 (if I drive right) MPG!!!!!

Please everyone remember all the devastation in the Northern part of Alabama!!! Especially the Tuscaloosa and the Birmingham area!!! Please pray for the the states that have been ravaged with tornadoes!!! Also, please pray for Texas!!! They need rain so badly!!!!!

Adios for now!!!!! I have to go start packing!!!!! Did I mention that I move in tomorrow?????

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good bye blue .... Hellooooooooooo white!!!!!

Today, I went and purchased my very first car! I have no payments and I paid for it all myself (well, almost)!!!! I'm so happy that I do not have any car payments!!!

The Lord has truly blessed us with this car by giving us a offer that we really could not refuse!! Well, I guess that Daddy could have but, I am glad that he didnt!!!

Good bye, Blue!! *sniffles* I'm sorry, but I've found a new love *jumps for joy*.
I hope you enjoy your new home wherever that may be.

*****Pictures of the inside of the car may come later. I have not decided yet!*****

Monday, April 18, 2011

Its all about cars!!!

Today, Mom and I went car shopping. We looked at and drove a Nissan Salantra and we looked at and drove a Chevy Cruze.


My pro list for the Chevy Cruze:

1. The right color is at the Chevy dealership

2. I like it!!!

3. It has wireless start. I can be in the house and crank up the car with the remote!! Cool beans!!! I guess since I lived this long without that I really don't need it but, it is a cool thing to have!!!

4. It has blue tooth technology

5. I can plug up my phone to the USB port that it has and listen to music from my phone!!!!

6. The seats contour to my tooshy

7. It handles the road well and it is the quietest car that I have ever road in!!!

8. IT HAS 10 AIRBAGS!!!!!

9. The steering column goes UP and DOWN and IN and OUT

10. Great lumbar support!!!

11. It has manual seat adjustments but, that is ok since I will be the ONLY ONE DRIVING IT :D


My Con list for the Chevy Cruze:

1. The price!!! That might be the only thing that stops Daddy from buying it.


My Pro list for the Nissan Salantra:

1. It has nice seating

2. It has O.K. lumbar support.


The Con list for the Nissan Salantra:

1. The seating is hard on my tooshy!!

2. The steering column only goes up and down.

3. It only has 6 AIRBAGS

Oh, and Mom and I took Marc at to lunch!! We had fun and we ate at Moe's!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its Blogging Time .....

Well, I figure that since I am sick, now would be a good time for me to blog.

As I have mentioned, I am sick and I have been sick since Tuesday (4/12).

Wednesday (4/13), I suffered through the day of me sneezing and coughing alot and not being able to breathe at church. Which, I think my boyfriend was worried about me cause I could see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. See, I was supposed to help teach GA's (for those who do not know GA's is a missions based curriculum and GA stands for Girls in Action) at my parents church in Headland but the other teacher said that since I was so sick that I could go home. I didn't want to go home though so, I went moseying (spelling) along to Dothan so that I could attend the singles ministry at Ridgecrest. I stopped by Marc's house to visit with him (and also to pick him up so that we could go to church) some and he said: "Kate, you don't look so good." to which I replied: "I don't feel so good." Anyway, we went to church and it was there that I could not breathe so, I was having to take shallow gasps of air. I some how made it through church and I came home.

Thursday (4/14), I slept soundly until I woke up in pain!!! I had a earache!! Now, I have a high pain tolerance so, I could bare the pain at first. My earache got so bad that I asked Mom to take me to the ER!! If you know me then you know that I have a very high pain tolerance but, when I ask someone to take me to the hospital I AM IN PAIN. Momma didn't take me to the hospital though cause she said that the docs office in Headland would be open in 2 hours so, I suffered. So, I went there and he gave me 2 shots and some medicine.

Friday (4/15) I did nothing except for run errands in town with Mom. We met a lady who is a friend of my Aunt's at Sam's Club to pick up some tables and chairs to take back to Grady's Walk (a limited income housing complex that my Aunt's company built for people 55 and over. It was appropriately named after my Grandfather).

Saturday (4/16) I woke up and been lazy all today trying to recuperate so that *maybe* I can make it to church tomorrow (Sunday). My day started at 2:00 when my cell phone rang to remind me that I was invited to see Marc's cousin Melanie (maybe she wont mind me mentioning her in her) before she went to her Senior prom (jealous!!!) and so, I went to Marc's Aunt Kippy's (sp) house and apparently, I had gotten there before Melanie and her Mom so, I visited with Aunt Kippy (sp) for a good while! I had fun!! Then, Marc showed up along with his Aunt and cousin. Marc and I left there about 4:30 (I think) and then my phone rang to remind me that I had a appointment in Headland. Well, Marc had wanted to go to Best Buy (we were on our way there when my phone buzzed) and so I asked Marc: "Do you want to go with me or do you want to go to best buy?" He said: "I'll go with you." So, we went to Headland and I got done with my appointment around 6:15 then we had supper at Subway (in Headland).

We were on our way to Best Buy when I thought that since Marc's boss would not let him off from work tomorrow, that I would take him by my friends house.. My friends Patricia and Mary were home so, I asked him if he would like to go and meet the and he said yes so, I called my friends and asked if we could come over and they said yes so, we went! Had a great time visiting!!

When we finally got to Best Buy and drove by (around 8) it looked like they were closed but, they were not. We went in and browsed at the TV's and gaming systems and appliances (why, I do not know) and then we went back to Aunt Kippy's house to get Marc's truck and then we drove to his house so that I could help him feed his horses.

End of Story right?? Wrong .... way wrong!!

We got there and We fed the horses and I was getting ready to go. Then, these very stupid motor bike persons Were doing crazy things on the road (like racing with no helmets or lights on) and so, Marc called the police on the house phone. Well, it was not getting a real good connection so, Marc was tired of not having a phone that works properly so, we went to Walmart (at 11:00 at night ..... not my first time being there that late) and now, Marc has a cell phone!!!

It is now ... 12:45 on a Sunday morning and I am getting in bed!!! Good night and I hope that y'all enjoy this very detailed blog post!!

P.S. Did anyone count how many times I said Marc?? How many times did his name come up in a sentence?? How many times did his name come up in a paragraph??

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've been extremely busy!

I have not written on here in ages but, I have been so busy with Marc and his family. For the past 2 week ends, I have been hanging out with Marc Thurs-Sunday!! Both of those week ends, I have been helping his Aunt and him clean up his house!! Its been a blast.I love hanging out with Marc!!

Yesterday, a big storm blew through. Last night, I heard the infamous "train". You know, the ones that people say they here when a tornado is upon them?? Anyway, I ran into Dad and Mom's bedroom to tell them and the told me nonchalantly (I think that is the right word usage) to go back to bed. I did but, it took me a while to go to sleep. Also, I checked the window seals and rain was coming in under the seal of Grandma Calhoun's window seal. I need to tell Mom and Dad about that!!

The storm knocked down another 4th of our ornamental pear tree! Only half of the tree is standing. A tree is down in the horse pasture and it is resting on my fence and my fence is now on the ground. Red could walk over it if he wanted to. That's all to report of storm damage.

I sure do wish that Marc was here!! He went back to work yesterday though!! So happy!! He is a man so, he could operate a chain saw!! I'm stuck with a battery operated saw!!