Friday, April 30, 2010

My first night staying alone in my 24 years of living

Well, the day started out with me getting up at 5:00 and staying up until Mom and Dad left .... about 7:00. I fell asleep an hour or 2 after they left and woke up at 10:00 (my normal waking hour). I got dressed to go to town and Paxton and I went to headland to cash a check (the lady at the bank drive-thru gave him a dog bone) and then we went to Dothan to Pets Smart. There I got him more squeakers for his toys and I also bought him a new chew toy which he really seems to be liking.

Anyway, 2 of my friends invited me to go with them to their churches but since they go to seperate churches they both started around the same time and I was having second thoughts about leaving the house and also coming home all by myself to a house out in the country (this woeld is not what it used to be)! So, I wound up not going with them but, then I got a phone call from one of the members that go to First Baptist Church in Headland. She invited me out to her house to ply some games with her and another person since she knew that I would be lonely with Mom, Dad and Grandma gone. Anyway, I had fun and the game we played that I had never played before (or atleast I don't think that I have) was Mexican Train. I won the whole game ..... we only played 3 rounds!!!!!!!!!! I am going to by that game next time I see it.

I got home around 10:25 and I came in and called Mom and told her that I got here ok. She told me to turn on all the outside lights which I did and now, i am praying every second for protection while I sleep b/c like I said ..... this is the first time in all my 24 years of living (except for that one night last year before I wound up in the hospital) that I have ever stayed by myself!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I am going to bednow. I will wrte about day 2 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Good night!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I will know how many people read my blog by how many responses I get to this ......

I got ......... *cues the drum roll* dddddddddd (rolls "r's") rrrrrrrrrr ..........

A. Married

B. A kid

C. A job

D. A puppy/cat/horse/baby calf

E. A boyfriend

F. All of the above?

OK, I know that that was a stupid question but, I am seeing how many of my friends pay attention. Hopefully half (if not all of you) are paying attention!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!! Will you pass this test with flying colors??????????