Sunday, September 20, 2009

What to write .......... what to write ..........

I dont know what to write but, I am going to try and write something.

Well, my life has been nothing short of chaotic. With mom gone on her "March on Washington" thing and her coming in last Sunday and with moving my bedroom furniture and with me only spending 2 hours with her before finding out she had to go to Texas to be with will (my brother) cause he was going in the hospital (b/c he had heart surgery when he was a baby) and not last but not least with carpenters here, it has been one busy week. Not to mention that I was here with dad this whole time and we only went out to eat once. I am glad that mom came back cause I cant survive on my cooking alone and neither could dad. My life will cease to slow down until the end of Sept. Even then, it wont quit being busy cause then I start volunteering at Landmark Park. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I had to let out a scream. Did I mention that my friend Kim is coming next month????? I have to get ready for her and maybe my life will be somewhat normal .......... I hope.

Well, I wish I could write more but, I cant. Mainly cause I cant think of anything else to say ..........

Well, until I can think of something to write .......... so long!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

hmmmmm, I have not written anything since the 25 of August?

Hmmm, where should I start????? Well, my horse got out Sunday morning and we didnt know about it until Sunday night and I was about to get in bed but, instead, I went out to find my horse. I found him in the barn yard. I got in about 11:30 last night and I had to get my shower and I did not get in bed until 12:30. Then, he musta got out again during the night cause I saw where he walked up to where we had corn in a trough and Dad estimates that he ate 3 gallons of corn. It is not good for a horse to eat corn. I think that it is to many carbs and as a result they have gas and their tummies bloats up. I had that happen to my baby calf that I was raising and we had to stick a plastic tube down his throat and pour mineral oil down him. Anyway, that is how my morning went. I will write about something when I think of something to write.

See y'all!!!!!