Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in Heaven

I did not hear about the shooting in Connecticut until later Friday night/early Saturday morning when I got on FB and saw that everyone was talking about it. I asked Momma about it and she told me. I was so sad! I have a huge place in my heart for kids (even though they do drive me crazy sometimes)! It broke my heart that someone so heartless would do that to innocent children! I cried! My hat goes off to all the first responders and to the brave teachers who risked their lives (and died) to save the kids! Anyway, this song by Scotty McCreery as been stuck in my head constantly since the shooting. It's a absolutely beautiful song! Here it is:

December hasn't changed  
This town looks the same  
They still light that tree in the city square 
There's red, white, and green shining everywhere 
And I wish you were here  
And I wonder.....
Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold  
Are the mansions all covered in white  
Are you singing with angels silent night 
 I wonder..... what Christmas in Heaven is like
There's a little manger scene 
Down on Third and Main  
I must've walked right by it a thousand times  
But I see it now in a different light 
'Cause I know you are there 
And I wonder......
Are you kneeling with shepherds before Him now 
Can you reach out and touch His face  
Are you part of that glorious holy night 
 I wonder..... What Christmas in Heaven is like
Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold 
Are the mansions all covered in white 
Are you singing with angels silent night  
Oh I wonder.... What Christmas in Heaven is like

Lord, please be with the families of the children who were killed! Be with the teachers who remain and block all flashbacks and terrors from their mind! Also, please be with the children who remain! Bring them all peace and comfort this Christmas season!  Please be with them, Father. In your name I pray, A-men

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmases Past/Present aka Christmas On the Farm

When I was growing up, we had a very huge Christmas. Well, it was huge to a little kid. Just the 5 of us (Daddy, Momma, my sister, my brother and me!) We had a great time. Family would come over and bring their gifts . Below is a couple of pictures:

 Christmas 1989. I loved that little bear (sitting in a chair). His name is Teddy Ruxpin. 
He was so fun to play with. You'd stick a cassette tape in his back and he would move his mouth to the words! It was so cool to a little kid! I had fun sticking my fingers in his mouth so that he could "chew" them but, he eventually tore up from me doing that so much!

Getting the family Christmas Tree. I had so much fun! I loved it.

Snow in 1989!! The first snow that I remember!!! OK, so, it was a dusting but, a little of the white stuff fell ..... You know, I think that my Daddy looks rather dashing in a beard .....  don't you? :) Just sayin' ;)

~ Now to the blog post ~

*** I realize some might not understand this next part. I guess you just had to grow up with 2 way radios ..... ***

LOL!! I remember calling my Uncle on our 2 way radio (Yes, way before Southern Linc's and beep beep phones (even cell phones were popular) See, we (the house) were "base" and my Uncle was "Unit 2" and I remember getting the two mixed up all the time. I would always say (never failed): "Unit base to 2, come in Uncle Dale! I would do the same thing to Daddy but, he was "Unit 1". I would then ask my Uncle if there was going to be a hayride that Christmas. I really enjoyed the hayride!

Another funny story: My cousin Jake was the umpire at the softball game I was playing (I was not good at it). I did not know before hand and apparently, if I told anyone, they'd have to get a new umpire so, I did not tell a soul! Anyway, every time I went up to bat, he'd talk to me. It was very annoying! I mean, come on ..... I thought that David would help me not hurt me ..... Oh well! We all laugh about it now!

Wow, I chased a rabbit there. ANYWAY .....

Christmas has changed for my family as each one of my siblings have moved away. I don't get to see my sister as much as I did in the past. She used to go to school in a town not far from here and she would come home on the holidays of course but, it was not lik having her 24/7. I mean, not that I remember much of that cause she was 9 when I was born so, I don't think that she had much to do with me (that is just my opinion and does not mean it was true. I just may not be remembering right). I miss seeing my sister at Christmas time!

When my brother and his wife lived in Texas, I didn't get to see them much cause with his job (working at UPS) he only had Christmas day off so, we didn't get to see him as much. I think that he might have come home one Thanksgiving One other Thanksgiving, we met them at my sisters house in N.C. because they flew in from Texas

Then, however, it's dwindle down to just me. I was lonely with no one here but, Daddy, Momma and myself (and occasionally Grandma). It was like, Christmas was just another day. There were presents to be sure but, not as many as there used to be. It would get depressing!Even watching all the Christmas movies that I have did not help! It does not have to be like that and it should NOT be like that! You need to be around family during Christmas time! LOTS of family!!!

Since my brother and his wife have moved back home, I look forward to having Christmas with them again! His sweet little son especially! Oh, I just love him!!! Oh, and his wife too! :D We are to have a Christmas like the Christmas we used to have ..... well kinda. My sister and her family wont be here so, it wont be the same but, it will be like our Christmases of old no less.

"They say, the older you get, the faster it goes" ~ Daddy