Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now that I have money saved up .....

... I can go places!!!!! I opened up a savings account last month and already I have "tons" of money in there!!!!! I'm not gonna tell everyone my real amount cause that is my business but, it is alot!!!

Anyway, I have so many places I wanna go!!!!! Here is my list of places:

  1. I wanna fly to N.C. ~ To see my sister, my BF (best friend) and also a friend that I met through HSA who is in the hospital in Raleigh
  2. Fly to CO. ~ To see my bestest "sister" who lives there
  3. To PA. ~ To see my friends: Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Hughes, Kayla, Katie, Matt, and Emilie!!!
  4. To MA. ~ To see Carrie Orth
  5. To Ohio ~ To the HSA summer get together in September!!! I dont know if I will be able to go to that though since we are harvesting during that time!!!

Lets be realistic!!!! I cant go tp all those places because I am also saving for these items!!!!! Here is the list:

  1. A phone ~ I'm praying everyday for the phone that I have now that it will continue to work until I get more money saved up!! As we all know ..... phones are really expensive
  2. A CAR!!!!! At the rate that I am making money ..... it will take me 20,000 years to get a car!!!!!
I guess I have as the saying goes: "Champagne dreams on a beer budget" Meaning, I have all these dreams and not enough money to do them!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will Update ~ July 15

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your interest and especially your prayers. We had a good trip to Dallas yesterday. Today, we accompanied Will for the bone marrow transplant consult. Part of me wanted them to say ‘let’s do it.’ But part of me was concerned about getting through it. To make a long story short: not now, but be prepared just in case.

Ten years ago, the only hope for survival beyond five to seven years was the bmt. But it is not without complications. While it has a 75% chance of a cure, there is still the other 25%. Plus there are possible side effects. With the introduction of Gleevec, bmt has taken a back seat as treatment of choice. It is reserved only for those for whom the medications do not work. About a year ago two more were released and there are about twenty more in the pipe. The doctor is very pleased with how well Will is doing on the medication. There is the chance that it will quit working, but that is slim. So we will continue with the meds.

We are however going to screen Anna and Kate just we will know if one of them can supply the marrow or if we need to go into the general population. Already having this done will save time should a crisis occur.

Again, thanks for your prayers. We are having a good visit with Will and it is doing Thomas good to get away.

It is good to have friends who care. We are truly blessed.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Daddy Saves the Icecream!!!!!

Well, It went like this:

We went to Landmark Park to hear the "Music at Moonlight" people. It had been going on a few hours when a "POP!!!!!" happened down in the woods (a fuse blew in a breaker box). Then a few minutes later, people were sitting in the church yard listening to music and they heard a "POW!!!!!" (a transformer popped and sparks started flying and smoke started rising. Well, the fire dept. came then 30 min. later the power truck came.

All this time I was helping Park staff take drinks to park staff so, I knew what was going on.

Anyway, I was giving a park staff (actual staff) her drink when she told another park "staff" (volunteer) and I that they were going to cut off complete power to the park and that we were needed in the Martin Drugstore (were the ice cream is) to consolidate all the ice cream we could into one freezer. I got 20 yards away from the staff member (actual staff) and the lights went out!! I rushed in there to help the lady that was running it. There was still people waiting in line to get their ice cream and such . With her one flashlight we finished filling orders and closed up shop. The power going off ran everyone off at 9:15.

Daddy came to get me at the drugstore and as we were walking I was telling him the plight that the ice cream was in. We got in the car and I said: "Daddy, cant you help them out some how??" He didn't say anything for a while. He and Mom started discussing it and came to the conclusion that we would loan the Park one of our generators to use over night (for the freezer that the ice cream was in) until the power could be restored the next morning (this morning).

So, we came home and Daddy went to go get the generator from the barn and I went to get the gas and 10 minutes later we were on our way back to the Park. We showed the guy that over sees everything going on in the park how to work the generator. The guy told us that if they hadn't of found a generator quickly that they would have lost about $800 worth of ice cream. I wasn't about to let that happen!!!!!!!!!! They've already lost a bunch of stuff when the Maintenance Barn burned down. When we finally got back home (the second time) it was 10:30

I woke up this am (morning) and I am heading to town. I've tried calling them (the park) to see if the power has been cut back on and I cant seem to get a answer and eventually I get a busy signal which seems to indicate to me that they still don't have power. First I have to cash a check at the bank though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well, I started waking up at 6:30am then I got up out of bed at 7:00. I rushed and got everything on my truck. I dont think I forgot anything except maybe for my Mucinex D (allergy medicine) and my Moms camera battery charger (maybe it has enough charge) and some cash. I might need to go back home and start from there.

My truck was 2000 miles overdue on getting serviced so, I decided to wait to the last minute (today) and get it seen about. I get here to the care dealership at 7:30 and there was already a long line. There are 3 cars ahead of me that is getting the oil changed and then it will be my turn. Momma talked to "our" service guy here and he said that it will be atleast an hour and a half before I am ready to get on the road. Then, technically, before I can get "on the road" I need to go and get my truck washed. That wont take 10 minutes though. I've a plant in the back of the truck wrapped in a plastic bag so that it does not get washed when I go through the car wash.

Imagine how it will feel if it was expected a nice rain shower and it got a full fledged soap bath instead!!!!!

Why is it that every time I go up to the Godin's house that I have to get my truck serviced, get a tire changed, install windshield wipers, ect. ..... I mean, its like I jinxed ..... LOL, JK-ing!!!!!

In the showroom now listening to 2 people (possibly farmers) talking about chicken houses. They were talking about how you are always in debt to the chicken company. Meaning that if they say "hey, if you build 2 chicken houses we will get you signed onto a contract". By the time you get those to paid off and you tell them that you don't want anymore they take the contract with you somewhere else.

After I got through with the car dealership, I went to get my truck washed. Then I went back home to get some last minute stuff and I came on up here to my home away from home. I think that I arrived here at 1:00.