Monday, May 31, 2010

Status messages that I cant post on Facebook (More to come at a later date)

If a guy/man wishes to express interest in me, he must do so through my parents first. That way I dont get my hopes up (does that make sense?????)!!!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Status messages that I cant post on Facebook (More to come at a later date)

1. If a guy wants me to call him he will have to pay me $500 up front. Never again will I pay off a $1,400 phone bill all by myself.

2. I was 3 minutes away from the vet office and they called me and told me that they were slow and that i didnt need to come in ~ Added: 5/30/10

I will add more later as I think of them .....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi!!!!! My name is Kate Kirkland

Hi!!!!! Its me, Kate Kirkland!!!!! I am 24 years old and I finally decided what I wanna do with my life!!!!! I want y'all to help me by praying for me!!!!! I will need to be constantly reminded of my goal!!!!! When y'all see me get involved with a guy ..... I need y'all to slap me so that I can concentrate on my goal!!!!!

I wanna be a vet tech!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reflections on the past year

Well, a year ago today my Granddaddy passed away. Its hard to believe that it has been a full year. It seems like it was just yesterday. I miss seeing him and I miss talking to him and I missteling him that I love him. I love you Granddaddy!!!!!!!!!!

Will Update:

Mom is flying to Texas next Tuesday and is coming back next Thursday. Will has a appointment with his leukemia doctor June 2 to discuss dong a bone marrow transplant so, please be praying that the doc will have some good news!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Update ..........

I dont know how many of you read my blog but, I pray that a few of you might.

My brothers doc called my mom or my mom called my brothers doc (I dont know which) and they are discussing the option of my brother having a bone marrow transplant. Now, this means that my sister and I would have to have a "screening" and that means that someone would have to swab our mouth to see if we are a donor.

I'll let you know more as updates become available to me.

Please pray that if necessary we can find a donor within the family!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A funny Story that my friends and I made up

Freaky One Accord Nuns: In Gossip Form”

This all started on Sunday, December 16, 2007:

It started as a personal “note” to Mary and it snowballed from there.

Kate: I love you, Mary! If you get married before I do, I will kill myself.

Mary: Correction; You will become a nun.

Kate: I don’t think that they will let me in because I talk too much.

Mary: and because you are Baptist

Kate: What else could I be?

Mary: A nun

Kate: We have been through this, I cant be a nun b/c I talk a lot and I am Baptist

Mary: Well, you could be a nun if not for that. Right?

Kate: Yeah, I guess so. Maybe I should ask Patricia. What I could be.

Mary: How about a penguin?

Kate: Hold on. Patricia, What could I be Besides a nun?

At this point Kate slides the paper over to Patricia and she (Patricia) passes it to Grace.

Grace: If it is a problem of talking to much contact Jennifer. She has some duct tape.

Jennifer: What color would you like?

Then Erica gets a hold of the paper

Erica: This is insane!!

Mary: No it’s not, Crazy Head. Continue…

Grace: Kate, are you sure a nun is the best job you could have? I mean you would have to wear black all day. Wait! Is being a nun a job? Hmmmmmm

Grace: another thing, what if you met your husband-to-be at Mary’s wedding? Would you still become a nun? Just wondering.

Kate: Is he good looking?

Erica: Not sure

Grace: How would we know if he is good looking or not, he is your husband-to-be not ours. Anyways, I was just wondering.

Jennifer: I’m with Grace. What if you met some nice lookin’ hunk at Mary’s wedding?

Kate: I might recant

Erica: In reference to what Grace said, what if the nice lookin’ hunk asked you to dance at Mary’s wedding?

Grace: Yeah, would you say yes or would you refrain from boogieing with your Prince Charming since your almost a nun?

Elizabeth comes in

Lizzy: I am Batman. That is all

Kate: That makes no sense whatsoever to the story, Elizabeth

Grace: Kate, you never answered Erica’s question: Would you dance or not?

Kate: I would not get down and funky if that is what you mean

Grace: Since you wont be getting funky, would you maybe waltz with him if he was extremely cute?

Kate: If he was really cute and charming I would think about waltzing with him

Mary: What if he was a complete Cheese Head? Just wonderin

Kate: Mary what is a “cheese head” and how dare you call my future husband-to-be that!

Erica: Why not get down and Funky? Just wondering

Kate: ‘cause I already got down and funky at Will’s wedding already

Erica: Ha! Ha! So just do it again.

Kate: O.K. Back to me being a nun

Erica: LOL

Grace: Whoever said that Mary was even getting married? You know she might end up being the nun. We could start our own, “ One Accord Nunnery”!

Kate: Would it be a Baptist Nunnery?

Mary: A-men, Sister Grace. A-men

Grace: Although, Mary wouldn’t be able to fit all her hair under one of those thingys. We might have to shave her hair off. Any one volunteer?

Kate: Off with your hair!!

Kate: Could this be a future play?

Mary: Freaks!

Erica: We could call the play, “One Accord Freaks: In Gossip form” or “Freaky Nuns”

Kate: Mary, you are one of the freaks

Mary: Of course

Grace: Kate, would you mind wearing black all day? I wonder if those hat things are heavy. How much do penguin costumes cost?

Kate: Not sure. I thought that nuns wear other colors of clothing

Grace: Even if they don’t, you could be the “Hippie Nun” Peace out!

Erica: All I know is that they wear black 24/7

Mary: I think I could be a Baptist version of a nun. You know, an old maid

Grace: No dancing during mass

Kate: Oh man! Now I cant get down and funky

Grace: No, Kate. That’s only at weddings

Erica: Amen, Sister!! Amen!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2 ~ Of me staying alone

(Day 2) May 1 ~ Well, it was great. I woke up around my usual waking hour and I got dressed and got Paxton's things together and I took him and his stuff to the vet to stay with me all 8 hours so that can take him out when needed. He whined, cried, barked, yelped, whimpered and carried on a lively conversation with the American bulldog next to him. Whenever Paxton would whine ..... it would almost tear my heart out. He was very content on my lap up at the front counter. He couldn't stay there though. The owners wanted him in the back and I completely understand that but, couldn't they make an exception just this one time????? No, rules are rules and I dare not beg. I want to keep my job!!!!!!!!!! This is my first job that I have really actually loved!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I get home about 9:00 last night and I just make sure the lights are off inside but, on on the outside where I can see out but, no one can see in and I also make sure all the doors and windows are locked!!!!!

(Day 3) May 2 ~ Was great. Better than yesterday went. I just st at the desk and listened to Paxton whine and cry and bark and yelp and whimper. I wrote don the times that I was allowed to take Paxton out and I stuck to that. I take him out every 3 hours to let him go do his thing.

Oh, before I forget ..... The vet office that I work at (Southern Regional Veterinarian Emergency Services) is having a open house. The public can attend. So, y'all come out and see me in action (well, those of you who live in the Dothan Area)!!!!