Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Boyfriend named Chris

PLEASE NOTE: If anyone knows how to delete "labels" on here, let me know! I have a few that I need to delete! Thanks!

First, let me start with the back story:

I was having a conversation with Dad one day about not having a boyfriend and he was tired (I guess) of hearing me complain (about not having a boyfriend) so, he said that I should join a site like Christian Mingle, Eharmony, or a site like that. I said that there was a ad on the side of my Facebook page for and I thought that I'd join that. See the commercial HERE!  So, I waited a couple of months before I did. I got so busy with harvest that I had forgot about it. I guess that it was the beginning of Oct. when I joined. I started talking to this guy from Florida and he told me about Christian Mingle and how I should join it.  I told him that I used to be on Mingle a long time ago. Well, I got to thinking about it and went on Mingle and looked for my profile and there it was. A few updates later, it was a brand new profile.

Chris and I met on Christian Mingle. We IM'ed each other and also emailed for a few weeks. When I thought that he might be interested in me, I told Dad and Mom about him. We met him on Nov. 1 halfway between where he lives and my house and we all ate supper together. We had so much fun. Since then, we have gone out alot and had a great time! I can't wait for many more opportunities to hang out with Chris. I'm excited to see where God takes this! When God is first in a relationship, anything can happen!

Chris is spending time with his family up North and I'm spending time with mine down here. Once he gets back, he's coming here to see me. Of course, we will be doing the same thing for Christmas but, I get to go see his parents the week end of his birthday so, I'm looking forward to that! Anyway, this is enough for now.

It's Thanksgiving Eve (11:42pm) and I've got to get in bed. We've got company coming in tomorrow! I hope that everyone has a fantabulously happy Thanksgiving!