Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hey, guys!!

For those who hacve asked when I'm going to write again ... Well, here I go!! I'm going to tell you what I've been doing for the past week!

Last Sunday: Chris came down to visit me. I love it when he comes down here to see me. He's been working so hard with school and work so, he has very little time to come down here and see me but, somehow he manages to come down here and see me :)

Monday: I volunteered at the hospital. One of the volunteers I work with had emergency surgery and I was just walking out the door when my supervisor called me! Oh, I got Liam a Thomas the train track set for Christmas and he has enjoyed it so much. This is the picture of the track that Momma came up with for the current track. I'm getting him more for his birthday but, don't tell him!!! ;)

Tuesday: I helped Momma build the chicken tractors. Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, I went and volunteered again. I do this twice a week. I'm so glad to be going back to volunteering. :) Anyway, back to my week ..... Will helped build the chicken tractor

Thursday, we completed the below chicken tractor. The yellow chicks (meat chicks) are in here. The red and brown chicks (layers) will go in the other chicken tractor.

Friday: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach :) ~ I baked Chris's favorite cookie ... Oatmeal cookies of course. I kept it a surprise (well, I wanted to) but, sadly, I away gave one too many hints :( I'm just not good at keeping a secret :( 
Chris came down after work and he took me out on a date for Valentine's day :)

I love this picture of Chris and I. It looks like Chris has earrings!! LOL!!!

We went to El Dorado Steakhouse in Headland. We had to wait to get seated but, we did not mind. Once we got to the booth, we had to wait for them to take our order. Again, we did not mind. It was expected though since it was Valentine's day! He also bought me flowers, a (Pink) Duck Dynasty devotional and a balloon!

Saturday: Chris had free tickets (that his company gives their employees) to a baseball game in Troy and I was able to go up there with him. Northern Kentucky played Troy and Troy won!! Here are a few pictures

It was a good week off FB! It was much needed. I was able to help Momma with stuff. If I was a good manager of my time (I'm trying to change) and could control my FB activity then I probably would not ever get off but, I'm not and so I do. :)

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