Monday, August 16, 2010

The Case of the Missing Purse ~ By: Kate Kirkland

~Friday:August 13th, 2010~

This is the background story that I had to go through to get to: The Case of the Missing Purse ~Chapter 1~

It was clear when I left my house and then 5 miles down the road it started raining then it eased off and 10 min. down the road it started raining. It went on like that for awhile. I finally got on 231 South and it started pouring. Then it eased off but when I entered Florida it started pouring again. I was forced to slow down. It stopped raining windshield wipers off. Sunshine!!!!! Sped up!!!!! Pouring rain again. Something (or Someone) told me to slow down. About the time I did, I hydroplaned. If I had of been going the speed I had been going before I slowed down, I might of had a wreck.

~Chapter 2~

Still raining!!! Will this rain ever let up???

I slowed down to 45 mph on the country roads. I tell ya, those roads were just waiting for a wreck to happen. I was still hydroplaning and all I could do was just pray ... especially when I was approaching a bridge or something.

~Chapter 3~

10 miles from my friends house, it stopped raining and the sun came out!!! We visited and I played pool. Now, I never have played pool in my life and I told them that I had never played so, what did I do??? I upt and won 2 games!!! Seriously!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Then we had to drive 2 miles to their farm to get the 4 wheeler!!!!

~Chapter 4~

Farm girls to the rescue!!!!!!! The 4 wheeler was behind a hay wagon. We would have to move the hay before we could get to the 4 wheeler. My friend Rachel and I know how to drive a tractor. She (Rachael) cranked up the tractor. There was a bushhog (mower) that needed to be detached from the tractor so, we got it unhooked and hooked the tractor to the hay trailer. Rachel pulled it up enough to where she could get it (the 4 wheeler) out. She got it out and I backed the trailer back into place.

Then, the 4 wheeler was low on gas so, we hopped in my truck and went 2 miles down the road to the gas station and got gas in a gas tank. Then it was off to have fun. We went muddin' and exploring. We rode into Houston County (the county that Dothan is in) Alabama. I left about 5:00

~Chapter 5~ On my way home

I took my purse outta my truck to write a check for Rachel cause she got me soup and crackers for me when she was coming here cause I was sick. So, I wrote her the check, and put my purse back in my truck. I left Rachel's house going home a different way than I came. I went home 95 (aka River road. It also goes along the choctawahatchee(sp) River). I came home through Columbia and then on through Headland.

The Case of the Missing Purse:

I remember having my purse east of Columbia cause II reached over (from the drivers seat) to the passenger seat (which is where my purse was) to see if I had my glasses in there but, they weren't so, I continued driving. When I got to Headland, I thought about going by a cafe shop called Koinonia Cafe to get me a smoothie but, I didnt cause it was late and I didnt know if it would be open so, I just came home. When I got home, I got outta my truck (I cant remember if I had my purse with me) and I talked to my mom who was working on a flower bed (she cant remember if I had my purse either). Anyway, a little later, Daddy asked me to go with him to get corn outta the grain bin. I thought that I moved my purse from my truck and put it in the cow truck (the truck that we use to feed cows with). I've missed it since Friday morning. I'm praying that I find it soon.

In lieu (is that the proper word?) of losing my purse, I was walking outside in the rain and I asked God: "What are you teaching me by losing my purse?" God promptly told me: "Good things come to those who wait"!!!!! I suppose that God is going to teach me patience one way or another!!!

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